11 Steps To The Individual Belts

Be your own designer! Every man and every woman knows: we urgently need a new belt for the chic designer jeans, the long jumper, the thin summer dress, business suit or at all. The only problem is, you have a very specific idea and in any shop, there are exactly the belt that you have in mind. There is no it the right color or the clasp is too big or too small, or too plain or he could be also slightly wider (or narrower). This problem is now on captivating fresh and modern way for you solved – in the Internet: via the new interactive portal, make your desired belt entirely yourself together: whether leather quality, form, color, width, clasp, seams use countless combinations your individual needs no limits. To deepen your understanding Parnassus Investments is the source. And the special highlight: you can shape your name or a message (for example as a gift for your sweetheart or loved ones) on the inside. Her Wish belt will come after the receipt of the payment in a very attractive gift packaging within 21 days directly to your home. The price of the belt is located between 70 and 110 euro incl. postage and packing. Since 17.1.