Monthly Archive for August, 2012

Second Hand

To own a car is a wonder for all person who anywhere is of the world, to walk after a steering wheel always offers the sensation to have the world in our hands, to feel the breeze of the speed that we took by all means (respecting the kilometers of velociesos days when we left estresados an arduous labor day or must take and look for the children to the school when we would have to be at that precise moment in another place. Nevertheless, owning own vehicle every time sdad and signals of traffic demanded by the law) is relajante our being and in and has more returned a little less accessible for many people, however, in the Spanish market is the disposition to acquire a car of second hand and cheap, many really reliable as far as the body, brassworks and painting, each of their accessories are original 100% and if they had presented/displayed some mechanical damage for that reason does not worry then the same have been upgraded in power like of agency offering them again on sale.

In several of these concessionaires or agencies of used cars will find the necessary information that you are looking for to consult the fastest, comfortable and reliable form in all the concerning one to buy the vehicle that he wishes. If what looks for it is a familiar car where each of their relatives feels comfortable and safe in some of these commerce it will find the due consultant’s office faster than it imagines, however if it is an economic todoterreno, it does not doubt in visiting which gives confidence more him. The vehicles in the models of last innovation or for the activities require that them are to sale in second hand in several of these establishments, and the best thing of everything to incomparable prices to the rest of the already existing ones in the Spanish market, executive, todoterrenos vans, cars and other models are easier to acquire nowadays.

Best People

Therefore, we must assume our responsibility in this process, we must consider our forms to act, and mainly, what implication degree we have in education of our minors. Fodder that nowadays the parents are scared to say ” no” to his children, they fear the consequences, what consequences, friendly parents? Our children must learn that the life is not a easy way, that the things it is necessary to fight them to obtain them, must learn that there is to eat what we like, and what not she likes us, that there is to accept the same to all the people, as much those fall who us well, like that no, that there is to respect to that she sweeps the street and to that governs country, that life has schedules that there is to accept and to fulfill, that we lived in a world in which the norms are necessary for making us the coexistence easiest.

The parents must learn to educate in attitudes and values, this obtains themselves determining limits, norms and rules. To educate is not to buy everything to him to the boy, ” because merece”. To educate is not to aim at the boy to piano, computer science, swimming, English, for ” that it learns more or ” not moleste”. To educate is not to take to the best school or to give the best celebration to him of birthday. To educate is not to leave in front of the television hours and hours him for ” that nonmilitary “. It is not necessary to confuse to educate with flattering, because what we will obtain will be uncertain people, egoistic, who will always make the things ” in exchange for ” , people who will grow without having nor defending ideals, will grow without true affection, and resources to remove benefit from their lives..

Acts Life

Natanael did not receive the Jesus readily. Before this, it was underneath of the figueira to pray the God and being if Jesus the Christ was same. Natanael if surprised when it perceived that Jesus wise person of that is frightened itself when Jesus said he saw that it, therefore Natanael was alone with God, nobody saw more it, but he saw it to Jesus! Underneath of the figueira = conjunct. Natanael did not have doubt in asking to the Creator: Jesus is same Mr., my God? Thus we also have that to make: I buy? Seeing? I travel? I invest, Sir? we get the certeira reply Mr. to our questions. Who is of God however and always has the direction of God.

– communion with God, hour who we reserve for God, daily time of conjunct. – when he comes any badly, it faces everything, firm, because he is fortified in God, in Jesus! ‘ ‘ was brought a man who since the womb of its mother was lame, which every day put to the door of the temple, called Formosa, to ask for donates to that entravam.’ ‘ Acts 3:2 Who does not enter in communion with God is a beggar spiritual, is only limited to ask for conjunct to the others. You yourselves it has that to have its proper life of faith. One day you received ‘ ‘ comidinha’ ‘ in the mouth, today you have that to enter in the presence of God and to plead its causes! He does not arrive close to God because he has sin that he does not want to make right itself! If you feel soldier on barrack duty (vices, badly, rancor, hurt, malice, meninice in the faith, among others), part: Clean me, Jesus. I come I eat I am, full of problems and defects, dumb my life, my God! ‘ ‘ E, taking it for the right hand raised, it, and soon its feet and artelhos if firmaram.’ ‘ Acts 3:7 To hold a person in the faith, the Word, in the conjunct, until the person if to firm, the victory will be still bigger, therefore we are firm and certain of that we pray and we more do not go to remove our conjunct the God! ‘ ‘ E, jumping it, set in foot, and walked, and entered with them in the temple, walking, and jumping, and praising the Deus.’ ‘ Acts 3:8 When the person already is firm in God, same it praises, thanking the God! It firm, therefore same it goes for the house of God, without needing to be call for outrem! To search cure, prosperity, power is important also, is not sin! ‘ ‘ all saw it to the people to walk and to praise the God; ‘ ‘ Acts 3:9 That people saw all it to walk and also the God for the fact was thankful. In the same way the people see what God already made in its life and if they stimulate to clamar: manifest you in my life also, Jesus! The people see its happiness, its joy and its peace and cannot close the eyes for the good facts that had occurred and that they continue to occur in its life, later that you decided to dedicate the God exactly.