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The Interior Structure

This would be individual, internal, private and quiet a process (without fanatic explosions) of Purificao in constant movement the all moment and any place. The fruits of this tree very soon will be degustados, quickly and in deeper levels each time. Wisdom comes of SABOREAR. I am again spreading seeds of this tree. EVERYTHING THAT WE MAKE ECHOES IN THE INFINITE All know (but also they forget) that it is very important to control our concerns and to dominate the feelings to have full health because TO FEEL and TO THINK NEGATIVE with frequency they generate many illnesses.

I do not believe to be the professor who knows everything. For that it knows, it has another one that knows more. The vocs majority lived much more that I, suffered, for the little that I know, learning precious lies that to each day they inspire to me. I have been more, somebody that it searchs and it learns. Our history, different of invented histories of the films, of novels and poems, was full of pains, thorns and limitations. Exactly thus, we follow. It has much that to walk.

The slow Steps, are truth, with brusque falls until, but always fighting until the last instant. We never do not have easily delivering in them to the defeat. EVERYTHING THAT WE MAKE REES-ECHO IN THE ETERNITY ' ' With the time, with practical the daily one, you it goes to discover that chi incorporated the principles of tai to the daily one; seated, walking, of lying foot or, you it will perceive that it is living in a new way, easy and belo.' ' (The Interior Structure of the Tai Chi – Tai Chi/Chi Kung I' ' , of Mantak Chia and Juan I read) Wants to understand this effort as a gift for its Heart. We need, now and always, to help ones to the others, to be tolerant and cordials.

HTML Structures

The form in which a HTML document is structured defines by 3 tags that MUST BE OBLIGATORY (or almost). These are: 1. : Everything what we put between these tags will indicate that is written in language HTML, if these are not put tags your navigator will not know to read it, since it will not say to him that it is HTML. You do not have to put nothing outside them. 2.

: It is a preprocessor, that is to say, the navigators read the information that is within these tags before showing the page. He is very useful for the moment at which you want to include your motor page search, since they use this generally. Tag more important that this one is placed within is, since he will define the name and title of your page, not the one that will appear when you see ” it; visualmente” but the one that will appear in the bar of above of the navigator: 3. : This one tag I believe that it is most important of all the document since this one is the section where the content will go, this is what it will be in the navigators. All these tags together they write thus: TITLE OF MY CONTAINED PAGE, EVERYTHING WHAT YOU WANT TO WRITE HERE.

Good that delays: it abre your block of notes and it writes your front page Web. *Nota: Normally tags that they occupy 1 line is written thus: TEXT and those that occupy several lines (as paragraphs or lists) are written thus: TEXT But its order gives the same exactly. ** Note 2: It is not necessary to write tags with capital letter, I am making only it to differentiate tags.

Sigmund Freud

Psychology is the science that has for purpose to study the human behavior, of studying the mental phenomena, the structures and the development of the mind human being in its diverse aspects, such as: conscience, will, language, emotions, imagination, memory. Search, from the comment of psychic facts, to determine the cause of such facts. Inside of the subdivises of this science, the structure of the personality is one of the branches that the Freud doctor considered in its psicanaltica theory. The psychoanalysis had Sigmund Freud as its precursor. It tried to command in three basic components the psychic life human being.

They are: id, the ego and superego. Id is the entirely unconscious instance; the ego, the conscientious instance; superego possesss unconscious aspects and conscientious aspects. Id is the part most primitive of the personality, the original system with which the just-been born one already is born. It is formed by organic instincts, impulses and prevailed by the pleasure. He contains everything what he is inherited of parents, whom if gift in the individual finds since the birth, that is, what he is present in the constitution of the being of the person.

Id is a basic component of the structure of the personality. It is the original, basic and more central structure of the personality. The other structures if develop from it. Proper it is amorphous, chaotic, and disorganized; the personality is the reservoir of energy of all. Id in itself exactly is blind. Its contents are almost all unconscious ones, as well as include configurations mental that had never been conscientious, the material that was considered unacceptable by the conscience. These forgotten materials conserve the same amount of energy. Another existing structure in the freudiana perspective is the ego. It starts if to develop soon the birth after, when the baby initiates its interaction with its environment.