Monthly Archive for March, 2013

The Job

Is amazing the reaction so strong that some people have odors! It may be that you smell like much or it may be that they hate it. Hair: Once more, the general rule is to be conservative. No matter the length or style your hair, worth invest a little money for a haircut before entering the competitive world of interviews. Don’t use hats or caps. The interviewers prefer less hair and no more hair on your head or your face.

I met a person who could not get any work until you shaved your beard. When he finally got a job (shortly after shaving), told me that his beard makes him very much, but that not it complains about her new salary of $ 80,000 a year! Women: Shoes: wear shoes with a heel of medium size. Do not wear high heel shoes, too pointed or boots. Colors black, Brown, or dark blue look very well. Avoid shoes with bright colors or bright colors such as gold and bright red. Avoid wearing shoes sneakers or shoes where the fingers of toes, and much less sandals are seen.

Dresses or suits: there is always at least one woman who says: I wore pants for the interview and they gave me the job! Thus it is usually the case if you’re using a very good ironing pants with a sexy blouse, but if you feel comfortable in a skirt and a jacket that stick, it looks much better! Hair and makeup: well keep it simple! Don’t let the long or wavy hair to hide you face. Use color makeup light or less makeup than usual. Not apply much base or too much makeup in the eyes. If you use hair spray, you might consider a brand without smell or perfume. Any kind of smell perfume, lotions for the body, Cologne or perfume in general can be annoying for some interviewers. When you look in the mirror and you say: I am ready! You’ll know you’ve found a good combination of serious and very professional costume.

Bush Popularity

If the destruction of the twin towers was rising in popularity of Bush and the beginning of his global war on terrorism, the collapse of Wall Street is threatening to bring down the ruling Republican party. Bush must now do everything to avoid finishing as the President more unpopular in the history of his country and as the one who led his nation at the start of a debacle like that happened at the end of the twenties years. Resistance to Bush generated that in most of Latin America the right who ruled in the 1990s go being replaced by Governments ranging from the Center to the left. Today could also falter to conservative leaders of France and Italy, but symptomatically, could make the party mother of global conservatism (the British) move power to the Labour Party (the party brother Democrats of USA, who is no longer capable of winning any election). By the time the crisis has not weakened, but it has strengthened, the Latin left, but it could well provoke internal divisions, cause your rear undermining or generate inflation.

Democrats and Republicans

For more than one century only there are two parties that have governed in the U.S. its 50 States: Democrats and Republicans. The exception was Alaska ruled in 1990-94 by the party pro independence of Alaska (AIP). The AIP demand a referendum because in 1959 Alaska was incorporated as a US State without that permitted people vote by the pro-independence option. They sympathize with the newly proclaimed Republic Lakota which seeks to secede the U.S. Northwest.

They are more conservative, mercantilists and anti-immigrant than Republicans. They call for separated to have less taxes and controls and able to exploit and export its wealth more. Its founder Joe Vogler asked for clear glaciers with nuclear bombs. In recent years this party was falling from 40% of votes have brushed against hardly exceed 1 per cent of these. However, its significance is in the influence they have on Palin, the Republican candidate to the Vice-Presidency, the AIP crying out that he was its member (although she says that he has just always been her friend) and whose husband Todd was registered in 1995-2002.