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Nuria Coronado Mirian Lopez

They are countries in which increasingly there is more volume of foreign importers who come to this market to save costs of production. Despite being a cost-effective way of doing business there is an uncomfortable problem: incommunicado detention and little changes in your product traceability. Many times it outsources too and not be just getting that product that the customer has approved, says Makow. Why AsiInspection recalls that a premise is only necessary to heal health and import Asian products that are neither defective nor dangerous,: control what occurs there. In this way just with a very frequent practice as the falsification of documents and certificates of quality as the CE. The trick is as easy as that factory present or send a document which in theory is legal, but which in practice is a forgery of the same to the importer. It is very important to carry out a confirmation of the type of material that has been used in the sample approved and then pick up another during the production process. So we make sure that the laboratory test has not been falsified or that it only complies with the initial sample, but not the rest of the merchandise that is in the container, says Alex Makow.

And it is that as he finishes saying AsiInspection increasingly more companies hire audits to cover their backs. This is due to the concerns of customers faced with cases such as the iPhone and see what happens with his productions. They fear the change of raw materials, the subcontracting to a third party without being notified, terms of delivery, delays, do feel to the factory are being controlled and discrepancies with the open documentary credits. This means although they seek to cut costs, they try to maintain quality in their products, the key is to avoid unpleasant and costly surprises as getting products that nothing seem that a good day was hired, ends the steering. For interviews or extend management information do not hesitate to contact your press and public relations office.

Migrant Mexican

An important article of the Treaty of the North America free trade is dedicated to temporary entry to Canada of persons for reasons of work or business. Great advantages, are established especially for Mexicans with college or technical diploma seeking short-term job opportunities in Canada. Let’s look at why. In general, obtain a temporary work visa is not an easy matter, first because it involves convincing a company to hire you if you reside 4000 kilometers from the place of work; Secondly, because to hire foreign professionals enterprises must receive government approval to demonstrate that a citizen or Canadian permanent resident that can deal with such vacancy, and thirdly, because the company must offer you a salary and conditions of work commensurate with the local market, so that it will not utilize say that you charge less as an argument that they hire there is. These conditions seek to protect Canadian jobs and the rights of foreigners, but make the process complicated although not so much for Mexicans thanks to NAFTA.

The FTA has established 62 professions that do not require the contracting company must be passed through the process explained above. With only offer employment contracts in Canada the company can achieve the Mexican professional, whose occupation makes part of the Treaty, to obtain your visa for temporary work with some ease and integrate faster to his new job. While the regular process of temporary work visa, once has the job offer takes between 3 to 6 months, under the FTA is a matter of 30 to 40 days. Scientists (biologists, chemists or geneticists, etc), administrators, lawyers, accountants, architects, designers (graphic, industrial and Interior), engineers, economists, mathematicians, (except physicians generalist or specialized) health professionals and professors of University or technical level are included in the agreement. The Internet page, chapter XVI, presents a detailed list of the professions; If you find yours there and wish to work in Canada, start your job search. The TLC also offers other advantages. For example, Mexican businessmen can make business trips without having a temporary work visa. Provided for facilities for the transfer of employees of multinational companies that have headquarters in Mexico and Canada are also. It is also pertinent to mention, that when a foreign professional has worked temporarily a year in Canada and has an indefinite term contract, you can manage permanent residency visa.