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Signs Of Risk

Refers to signage, the set of stimuli that determine the performance of the one who receives them against the circumstance that is intended to highlight. More specifically, the safety signs, is one that provides a relative indication to the safety of persons and/or goods. R. D. 485/97 of 14 April on minimum requirements in the field of health and safety signs at work, establishing the following classification: kinds of signals according the meaning of the signal: ban: prohibited behavior that could cause a hazard.

Obligation: Signal requiring specific behaviour. Warning: Warns of a risk or danger. Rescue: Relative indication to relief or first aid outputs, or rescue devices. Indicative: Provides information other than the above. According to the characteristics of the signals: signal in the form of panel: A signal that by a combination of a geometric shape, colours and a symbol or pictogram, provides certain information, whose visibility is ensured by lighting of sufficient intensity. Luminous signal: signal emitted by a device consisting of materials transparent or translucent, illuminated from behind or from the inside in such a way that appears by itself as a luminous surface. Acoustic signal: audible signal encoded and issued and disseminated by means of a suitable device, without intervention of a human or artificial voice.

Verbal communication: A verbal message default, which uses human voice or synthetic hand signals: A movement or disposal of arms or hands in coded form to guide people who are carrying out manoeuvres which constitute an occupational risk or danger for workers. Additional signal: A signal used alongside another signal of the characteristics of the ones used in the form of panel and to provide information further. We are all aware of the importance that in our days has reached signaling in urban life and circulation of all kinds, land, maritime and air transport, in such a way that there would be chaos without it on many occasions and the occupational accident. Likewise, in the world of work are dangerous situations in which the worker to receive certain information concerning security at work and we’ll call signaling security is suitable.

Story Opportunity

The theme of the book seems to me that it may be useful to handle some rules in a group therapy, choosing those that are the most suitable according to the characteristics and situations of the members of the group. Addition, can be a good opportunity of awakening in the members interest in the reading of the complete works, to give them a little of what you offer. Now that how manages it the author, coincidence or random, the important thing is that after all left me very good knowledge, experiences that I can share with my family, professional and social circle and people to know more about self-improvement that books tell the truth do not read much. As a conservative person and with a high level of social morality, I dare say that the book is suitable for young people, adults and elderly people, because he cares much what writes to all readers in the best way, without never neglecting the vocabulary. After all, I had the opportunity to not only read his work but knowing more of his biography and important aspects that did not know, besides having the opportunity of knowing your family and imagine in your home, which in my opinion gives value to a reading: imagine, get involved with the characters, be able to believe that you are part of the story, I say it is not requirement nor golden rule to tell if it was worth or not worth reading, it is only my point of view. And if I recommend the book, if I had the opportunity to chat with the author I would ask you to remove some words and things that are as pretentious, but is an excellent book..

Federation Movement

Major groups included the MNI (new left movement) invention electorero Patria Roja, the PSR (Revolutionary Socialist Party) of trend velasquista and former member of Izquierda Unida, a ghostly PCP reconstituted (scission of PC unit) who greeted and I wish you success the same pink rods. Then came the praise and salutations to IE pink rods read in a document: Bruno Alcalde Mendieta, focepista youth leader, sent them a greeting written on behalf of FOCEP, old electorero Trotskyist party also invited. Then greeted them the movement Jose Maria Arguedas opportunist; and until the movement alpha and Omega, which supposedly had a reputation for seriousness in the fight, sent them a greeting and wished success. The most funny thing was that pink rods read a greeting by the ML-19 (movement of liberation 19 July) which is nothing other than a shell formed by the same henchman of IE, IE a greeting sent to themselves. But something really outrageous is have also ingrained in ICC (Coordinator against impunity) grouping today corporatized by IE, whose leader Vanesa Cantoral, daughter of the murdered antimaoista Saul Cantoral, after greeting to IE, it gave an ambiguous and riddled with speech of metaphysics in whose language replaced class struggle by social struggles.

Also noteworthy speeches of the other warlords of IE as Juan Carlos Arana, representative of ACUNI, who said blatantly must organize to the rondas campesinas. Enver Leon, the Secretary general of the legalized SITRAUSM (Trade Union of workers of the University of San Marcos) made apology to the mystical. Juan Carlos brand of the Federation of students of the UNI, after talking of reconstruction of the Federation, made apology to the national liberation. Or the replacement of the term fighting classes for the social struggles, nor reconstruction instead of reconstitution, or national liberation to the margin of the class struggle, nor the mystical organization of the rondas campesinas are expressions of the struggle for the emancipation of our class but reactionary expressions, most notably the apology to the mystique that is not anything other than a clear expression totally fascist. It was obvious that they cancelled the debate which initially claimed that they would take place since they would have immediately been unmasked by the real Communists and progressives infiltrated the meeting. Reactionaries they may not discuss with arguments, takes statements and matoneria to impose his metaphysical conception, or as they say we need patriotic mystique. The strange thing was that a bearded and smelly Dante Castro did not give his usual known speech.

At the end they made a toast with liquor, which shows his fondness for drunkenness unclean, all Castro’s own. Their guest artists music played not they spent being covers of sambas and ancient huaynos, shows his essentially conservative and antiartistica clara, unable to compose new and rebellious music. posted by Tupac Isaac II Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

Learning English

Beyond English Anne Germain, English is spoken in more intermediary with the more beyond does not stop to amaze me and I think I’d believe what I see in tele-cinco, but who want to say too beautiful to be true. Nothing like more than that to whatever, it were true, firstly because you would see that there is life after death, and secondly since everyone seems to be happy to life (the other) or a prior casting has been done or is not going more, are going so that as well as being in a S.p.a pulling conservatively. But I am Cartesian and I can not help it, and the teachings of the Lord Rene makes me questioned me everything and there is where my doubts begin to create uneasiness; in the first place or after dead we learn English, since Ann, doesn’t speak Spanish, or already is above any idiomatic lock. Second, all the hearings or all the presences of the world, thus called her, spiritual, have a kind of hurry that is not in keeping with the desire to be with the ones you Dear and, what is worse, rather they seem to be consistent with the pace of the program to be followed, the show must begin. But it was so serious and feared one hurt sensibilities, it seems that they say more or less, I’m that it burns me the food or I have been and arrive late.

In any case too beautiful to be true and the dead who need to talk through this so beautiful woman that she is still passing through the affront of come from the country that makes us the Passover through Gibraltar. Ah but not miss it, much to communicate with more beyond it’s first but the more same here goes to web page (dona Ann has it) is that it could not be otherwise. Ann, follow you if somehow takes consolation to their families and gives a bit of hope or certainty to whom we will not abound, because welcome is, now that Yes, sooner or later can both talk about without having to learn the language of the other, and that is what I hump, that even will endure the contentious Gibraltarian who knows what by then and you will not have me enjoyed the trick until then.