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National Park Aconcagua

Monte Aconcagua is the highest tip of America. The mountainous chain that crosses the continent of north to the south, on the extreme west, exactly reaches its higher points in the provinces of Mendoza, San Juan and Ro Negro, in the Argentine Republic. The origin of the Aconcagua word is quichua, and means stone sentry, an excellent metaphor so it feels when for the first time is contemplated it, a gigantic guardian who guards the passage between the two brother nations of Argentina and Chile. The Aconcagua has been historically a point of extreme interest for the tourism in Mendoza, throughout history. To cross it is all a passage, that it has required of important infrastructure works so that it can be realised by the heavy transit, trucks, micros of long distance and automobiles.

The most important step is about 100 kilometers to the south, the famous passage of the Liberator. Although this step concentrates 80% of the traffic between Argentina and Chile, about 45 days per year it must remain closed, because of snow-covered snow-drifts and of the crude Andean winter. The estate that lodges to Monte Aconcagua is a national park. The idea is to preserve the delicate ecosystem of the mountain, especially against the deforestation, that would turn still more into barren to the local climate. A deforestation controlled in the zone could not cause to avalanches and massive loosenings of mud and snow. In addition, the contamination could poison waters of defrostings that nourish great amount of rivers and streams of the region, and are responsible for practically all the fresh water provision of the zone. The National Park Aconcagua includes/understands 71,000 hectares where are true archaeological and biological treasures.

The animal and vegetal species of the zone of Aconcagua are the base of the trophic chain of the ecosystem cuyano, reason why a decrease in this population would be of high negative impact for the mendocina biodiversity. In the Aconcagua there are numerous glaciers, perennial gigantic masses of ice, that guarantee the potable water provision for the inhabitants of Mendoza by many generations, if they are preserved as it corresponds. In addition, there is great amount of paleontological rest, mainly of the culture Inca, since the zone comprised of the famous Way of the Inca, a route that the American continent of north to the south crossed and that marked the map course of the Incas in its conquering route. By all this, it is worth the pain well to think about a lodging in Mendoza during the vacations that allows us to realise an excursion to this mythical place, a unique site in the planet. Who it has had the luck to be able to visit it can give faith of the so special climate and the sensations that invade the visitor when Pisa this magnificent natural place.

Garden Design

TV series about the design possibilities of a garden inspired more people to himself to go up a garden or by the same artfully arranged Blumenbuquets, raised beds, rock gardens spice, garden ponds or water features. These are not only visually look very beautiful, but also make you cool even in the garden or on the terrace. include ways of water into the garden design with it are many. You can let your imagination run free and the rest governs the nature. With a little effort you can transform his garden into an oasis of relaxation and give an optimal habitat plants and animals. Garden ponds can have different shapes and sizes. Some people prefer decorative pond garden, others for small goldfish ponds or the like.

Plants in and around the pond on these values visually and give each pond has its own charm. A small bridge allows the owner also is time to go directly over the water and the fish in Pond observed. A water supply in larger ponds is useful. These are fairly easy to create. Sometimes, small bridges over the water feeds lovingly created some of these miniature habitats.

Also fountains, and source stones to draw again the attention of pedestrians or visitors of gardens upon himself. The fresh breeze that is sometimes the wind breathed on the faces looks just pleasantly refreshing on hot days. Happy to be well water used to water the plants in the garden. Gargoyles are also a perfect complement of each garden. The appearance of the gargoyle should be adapted to the realities of the garden, as are the gargoyles exist in many variations. Classic lion heads and mythical creatures to natural products such as bamboo tubes from which the water trickles over rocks.

Organizational Design

" A countable system for a farming company will have scent to field. The design of a system security and hygiene for a mining company will not be able to become lost in thought of the side of confinement and tragedy persecutes that it atavically. The design of image of or divided politician will not be able to stop making reference to the promise and the design of acoustic system for a church will have to consider that pronounces the voice of Dios&quot there; Leonardo Schvarstein. They summarize the management cannot neglect the design of the organizations, especially at this time that is characterized by very turbulent scenes and where one of the characteristics important to consider themselves in the organizations of the 21st century is the flexibility, the adaptation to the change without it originates a threat for the company. Schvarstein comments to us, that all design has one purpose, persecutes an intention, but that not always is considered, in addition that all design of organizations passes within the framework of interactions between people, who as well they take place within ampler context. The design without characterizing this context of meaning cannot be undertaken nor be included/understood, since it is there where the meaning resides and not in the design in himself. For the meaning and the resolution of the design and its object, the effective type of organization and its intentions concur as well as values in her. The design has, then, teleological and axiolgicas determinants. In this brief article it is tried to remember those excellent aspects to consider itself in the design and its endorsement is the contribution that on this topic has provided us Leonardo Schvarstein (Design of the Organizations: tension and paradoxes. Paidos1998) Majorities, basic annotations comments to us that when it has been decided to realise a design of organizations they must consider aspects such as: The intentions that not always orient a design can specify clearly, is for political, technical reasons or simply because it is not clear.


Here are some basic keys to follow when designing the best website, if you want to be so. If you follow these steps in the design of your web site, you’ll be good way to get your visitors to become customers. 1 Web sites of fast charging: this is the number one all web design must be respected. This point has been mentioned on several occasions in development and design pages web professionals, but should insist for not losing sight. It is essential to ensure that your pages are fast as lightning, because thus moves the information on the current web, and if you are not able to keep pace, your visitors will simply abandon your site looking for websites that give them what they want in the shortest possible time. Remember, you can have a great design, but few people will stop to admire it if it takes too long to load, try that your web not later more than a few seconds to appear on the browser. If it isn’t, something are optimizing evil. 2.

Clear navigation: once a visitor comes to your website, you need to run it through a series of routes until it reaches the goal of the site (buy a product, Subscribe to a newsletter, register for a forum, etc.). So it is necessary to have a navigation clear and simple, so that the information is less than 3 clicks of the mouse. Some guidelines that have always worked for me:-main horizontal Menu: a group of links in the header of the web site, with the main sections, much helps the Navigator to find the information you want, wherever you are within your web site. You can see you an example on this website, the most important sections are featured in the header, so anyone can view them from anywhere. -Vertical menus at left and right: before the blogs already used this kind of vertical information organization, but thanks to them its use is much more widespread and has become universal, more usable.

Product Design

As it says on a daily basis, the first impression is what counts and in the case of commercial products is no exception. Labels play a major role in the conviction of the client process, since in addition to transmitting information on this identifies it and distinguishes the competition through images or shocking phrases. Currently, the labellers have evolved to adapt to the needs of customers, since a wide variety of designs, materials, forms and colours is today used in labels, depending on the type of product and bottling that take the same. The type of machine components to be used depends on the labels to place. For example, there are the automatic labelling machines and semi-automatic; It is preferable to use the first packaging of high speed, without constant alterations and that follow a same procedure, while the latter are recommended when the lines are short or small labels. In a nutshell, the tagging process is related to the process of bottling and capping, since somehow the design of them all is related, since they transmit message through lines, shapes and colors..


In a wide range of products represented in Europe are definitely visible features of a historical style, mostly, such as Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Empire and less modern. Main borrowed elements: for Cabinets – convex or flat patterns of plant subjects, or false on the door frames, cornices continue; for upholstered furniture and beds – upholstery tapestry, bent or turned legs, sometimes carved, figured carved backrests, armrests, and other details, for the tables – supports, similar legs upholstered furniture, countertops, drawers and lids decorated with inlays and marquetry. All these decorative elements greatly increase the product cost. Most of these products come into our market from France, Italy and Romania. It is worth noting that today a considerable part of coming to the sale of products – furniture, decoration of which is a mixture of styles.

Its design by the rules of Art and Design direction, and then to decorate. These savings are mainly used in the manufacture of Russian cabinet “wall”, tables, beds. From the point of aesthetics, this furniture is of no interest. Separate branch of retrospective trends, the most characteristic for Russia – an ethnographic, are products that are decorative ornaments motives of any people, for example, Tatar, Udmurt, Yakut. Avant-garde trends in furniture design for this has brought a completely new shape and design of products, the use of modern materials and technologies, and as the constant need for fresh ideas. Therefore, before those who will buy furniture, put a hard choice of the future image of his home, and help with this you can decide only your own taste and size purse.

Design Colors

Having more content around the top studies have shown that the majority of people spends most of his time around the top in web pages (what appears on the screen the first time without having to scroll down). So if you want to increase the effectiveness of your web site, place the main content and elements of call to action above the header. You can do something as simple as the design of a friendly header with a logo and a navigation menu at the top of your web site. 5.

Limit the color scheme of your web site is easy to be carried away by the colors. Do settle with 2 or 3 colors when you can have 12 or 13? But in order to simplify the design of your web page visually, it is necessary to limit your color scheme. If in doubt, use fewer colors. Course will vary depending on its design, but try to stick to no more than 2 or 3 colors to start. If you need subtlety and texture to your Visual designs, use the nuances of the original color for example:-blue of a second flat and dark blue header and menu elements. I will add this color, then another and another and before that I know it, will look like a rainbow of diarrhea throughout my website. You can have your web site constructively and simplified, but When looking at her rather than facilitate content, colors distract the eyes of visitors, then all this effort would be in vain. So you use fewer colors in the design of your web page.

To take into account: hopefully now they are prepared and ready to begin simplifying the design of your web site. You will be most proud showing his web site, visitors will have a browsing experience much more pleasant on its web site.In summary, here are the 5 points of departure to simplify the design of your web page: 1. focus only on the essential elements 2. Get rid of all unnecessary elements 3. Reduce the number of pages 4. Get more content around the top 5.

Business Materials

Experience in the practical application of liquid rubber in various sectors of the construction showed that the waterproofing coating of liquid rubber can replace the traditional techniques and materials. So what is a liquid rubber? Liquid Rubber – a two component product consisting of an aqueous emulsion of bitumen treated with the addition of special elastomers and polymers and catalysts – calcium chloride solution. Liquid rubber is is rolled material during installation that you want to use an open flame, it's also not the film to be applied with glue questionable reliability. Coating is applied onto the surface in the cold state by airless spray. Airless spraying provides a snug fit inside the membrane to obrabatyvemoy surface, and therefore no air elements – the main cause of bloating waterproofing materials on the roof. The components of the liquid rubber, before reaching the surface, mixed in the air. After solidification, which occurs almost instantaneously, on the treated surface obtained a single, seamless rubber membrane, without holes and joints. No seams primary positive fator in favor of liquid rubber, because it is the seams on the roof are the most likely location of leaks.

Time curing coatings depends on the level of relative humidity and temperature On average about a day. Before applying liquid rubber, a minimum surface preparation. Processed The surface must be cleaned of dirt and debris to be dried and if necessary, degreased. Ambient air temperature during the production of works not less than 5 C. Liquid rubber has high adhesion (strong connection) with most building materials. Because it is composed of a high percentage of polymer coating high elasticity and resistance to mechanical damage, corrosive environments and ultra-violet radiation for more than 20 years. The full "smart" material has a memory: The finished membrane is extremely resilient and can recover 95% of its shape after stretching more than 1000%. Liquid rubber does not contain any composition of volatile organic compounds and organic solvents, fire-safe and nontoxic, as is water-based. The scope of this coating system is extremely broad and varied. Among the most important You can include corrosion protection (most metals), waterproofing and protecting concrete (the space between the building panels, walls, basements, foundations, etc.), repair and restoration of roofing, protection artificial reservoirs, boxes for growing plants, etc. Liquid rubber weighs 4 times less than other roofing materials, is 10 times longer and has a value 4 times lower, given the lifetime of the coating.


Today, in many countries, the situation of the crisis is gaining momentum and this affects not only the economic sphere, but also covers almost all areas of human activity. The first step in dealing with the crisis – is cost reduction, which in most cases is due to staff reductions and advertising. Companies around the world under the yoke of the crisis and reduce the salaries of staff, advertising costs and benefits. The purpose of all this is obvious – Procurement financial cushions, which during the period of economic growth in many ignored because the money went into development. The second step – re-formed the client base. Global crisis has already contributed to the weakening of many companies, not All stand. Moreover, not all companies will be able to survive until the beginning of a new round of economic growth. Consequently, each company is losing a small portion of their clients.

To overcome the crisis, these losses must be as minimum offset. No advertising, staff reduced, from the sale will take? Internet – a huge network that allows to reduce costs and increase efficiency of your company. Many online services offer advertising at more affordable prices that can be a lifeline in a sea of crisis the modern world. Site created and further advertising company in the world of internet is the best way out of crisis. Anti-crisis stock of many companies that offer Web design, is the right option, which can subsequently be derived from a difficult situation not only some individual companies, but many different industries countries. Site business card, corporate site, online shop – the creation and use one of these options not only allows a moment of crisis successfully keep the business afloat, but to fully develop it in the right directions. First and fundamental part of internet business is the selection and creation of a site based on the needs of the company. It is at this stage are especially necessary experience and knowledge of professional web development as the site – this person companies on the Internet.

Experienced developers prompt how, where and what to put on your site for more effectiveness. The choice of developer of your site depends on the way through the labyrinth of the Internet and the end result. But development – it is only the first part, though basic. The second part is a targeted promotion of your site and attract targeted visitors. After all, even the most stunning creation of web site design, having in incorporates a beautiful content, may not yield the desired results simply because they had not been correctly presented to Internet users. Therefore, the development site should be a comprehensive approach that will provide not only creating high-quality, but also timely progress. In our unstable time of crisis, do not forget about regular maintenance of the created site. It is due to update the site, he will always have popularity, and this, in turn, the main component of success on the Internet, and costs an order of magnitude smaller than the advertising company in the real world.

Feng Shui In Your Business

Today, different countries and companies, employing techniques that focus on human resource management and other branches of Studying the behavior of labor relations in economic entities, seeking to create appropriate work environments, adopting management techniques like having a person in charge of human resources department (maybe a psychologist or someone who understands human relationships, to address the problem of workers), some companies use environmental or classical music to calm the atmosphere in an organization, enabling environments (Feng Shui), others use a few minutes to have brief meetings to discuss different topics as a form of relaxation therapy, some minutes of work time devoted to outdoor exercise or yoga., in order of modern society and the economy in which we live, requires difficult schedules, work pressures and relationships will always be in every discussion.

Some of us who formed the working relationships, our culture, our education, common sense and that are available will be pleasant; determine what that living with co-workers a pleasant experience tolerable. Finally we can conclude that poorly managed industrial relations affect the productivity of a business or enterprise, seeing reflected in their results, and that as employers, employees or participate in this, we must take into account the respect and attention due to labor problems we will be able to achieve good working relationships.