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Tnia Maria Anthropology

It estresse it occupational if it more shows each time for the humanity as one of males more pernicious to the health of the man of the new century. This man highly informed, brought up to date and ally to the tip technologies and that, at the same time, he loses little by little to its necessity to work hard and to work hard to blunt in the wild market of work. It has seen that this study he has been carried through essentially for bibliographical research on it estresse occupational and Ecology human being, is registered here the intention of if later carrying through a more including study with the had manipulation of 0 variable on this interesting subject of policemen or drivers of bus as victims estresse of it occupational. says that ‘ ‘ the work dignifies homem’ ‘

Beautiful Words

They are the half past five and are, as usual, at the start of morning news. It is April 23 and Hispanic Americans are celebrating the Day of the language, so we decided to ask listeners to help us choose which, in his view, is the most beautiful word in the language of Cervantes. The calls are not made to wait and suggestions, too: time and again repeated "love", "God," "Happiness," "freedom," "peace", "friendship", "harmony", "mama" and "homeland." Someone called to ask us to declare "God" out of competition and who we are before the microphones and act as makeshift judges, abide by the request. We count and "love" followed by wins from a distance "friendship", "mama" and happiness. " Again, the speakers of the language and true owners of the highest authority, have preferred the merits of form and meaning were inclined rather to take account, for example, the loudness or the color of the words. It also shows that, despite the desire to circumstances and the need to love and be loved is still lurks in the hearts and minds of the people. And all other emotions are present in all areas of everyday life: the mother, on the ground, by the Supreme Being. In short, life is a constant search of the path towards the values and principles but not all are clear about the principles and values behind which marcha.Si the most beautiful words were chosen for its euphony then in the list of most beautiful and deserve a spot some nostalgia, utopia, glass, orchid, dawn, geranium, verse, orange, sky, angel, night, shadow, blue (the color of choice of poets), sadness, loneliness, butterfly, tree, caress and frenzy.

North Sea

There should be nothing unusual happen more … especially with Norway and Bosnia is not even waiting for the big competition. In the German group D, it seems to Lows guys look quite good. Although the German team is tied for second with the Czech Republic and the third-placed Irishman, but the German team has a game in hand on the account as the Czech Republic or even two fewer than Ireland. The EM participants should be fixed because of the strength of the Czechs and Germans indviduelle thereby. fighting with England in Group E, another large nation hard for the EM-Ticket.

With 11 points, the British are indeed second-place tie with the Israelis, but the Leaders than Croatia (13) and Russians (11 points) represent an acute threat to the British mission "qualification is" – especially since this game a few completed and wish the playful performance of the English leaves much to be just pretty. If the direct duels should be close to the competition in the pants to be Rooney & Co., the games may look at home on vacation. The Spaniards have extreme problems with her group F. The Northern Ireland are already four points is gone, even if they already have a game more in the account. However, with Sweden (three points more aligns with game number) and Denmark (two points and one game less than Spain) are two other nations in the game that might make it perfect for the Spaniards, the embarrassment. Forecast: Here stumbles a top favorite! In group G, it looks for our Dauerrivalen from the North Sea quite good. The situation for the Dutchman is comfortable and the competition from Romania and Bulgaria do not really overpowering. The Romanians, not only in Football Association to draw attention to himself at the end of the nose should have front and put together with the Netherlands, the two participants from group EM-G.

Conclusion: Overall, stumble so few "great" nations. In group A and B will fail in any case a World Cup, while in Group C there is none at all. In football forum of soccer-fans will be hotly debated at least 2008 on the EM. Stay tuned.

Alejandro Rutto Martinez

The first thing that draws the attention of Fonseca is the kindness of some people capable of illuminating the magical world within which the visitor will feel like one of the family with his people skills. The second thing is the nostalgia for the forest tunnel that once made their home via one of the streets most beautiful Atlantic coast. Times of higuitos interlaced like the brotherly love of the fonsequeros is a spectacle difficult to witness, but will always be on a sidewalk of the memory where the oral tradition bring them occasionally so that all generations are aware the place where their parents and grandparents walked, hand in hand, to breathe the pure air of peace and step by step weaving milestones of your destination. The third thing is the spirit of the fonsequeridad embodied in his unwavering desire to return someday in search of memories and the origin; that is why Fonseca back to you is repeat the joy of birth is the most pronounced and phrase heard in streets, parks, schools a phrase repeated with greater intensity in the days of the Festival of the return intangible heritage of a land where the return is as important as the birth. The latest is the ability of its composers and poets to combine a sky, a sunset, a river or a swallow to form the most beautiful of the songs or the most precious of the poems.

Teresa corners is inspired in his people and writes: when in the evening hours already there / when the waves come to replace the day / I look for the star that you create in my childhood years /esa divine light that I have been here in the soul / Oh Fonseca! The light that you gave us is divine. So is Fonseca: with its lively streets and its cool breeze; their incredible women and their sunny afternoons; their in love poets and their workers peasants. It’s like a furrow of paradise, a plot of the sky, a serene palpitation of the Rancheria, a cool morning at some point of the universe where Dios felt pleased and satisfied by his work. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a prestigious writer and Colombian journalist frequently invited to seminars and conferences on history, leadership and motivation. Makes contact with him via email or visit their website original author and source of the article

Actual Proclamation

These modalities are adopted, usually, values in accordance with preset, what frequently cause upheavals to Administrao6. Another point favorable to the proclamation becomes related it the economicidade, has since the Administration obtains to get, when uses the proclamation, sensible reduction of prices, that varies of 20% the 25%9. this occurs because the phase of judgment in the proclamation is divided in two stages. Of soon, all confide the written proposals, that are ece of fishes in sequence in accordance with the offered prices. After this, the bidders, consonant criteria defined in law, are invited to offer to new proposals, giving themselves chance so that each one of them covers the price offered for the others, until if reach the lesser price. It is evident that this systematics of judgment foments the reduction of prices, what, really, comes happening in prtica8. The proclamation is, also, the modality with shorter stated periods between the spreading of the proclamation and the formalizao of the contract.

Considering stated periods for resources exactly judicial, it is possible to carry through a proclamation in fifteen days – instead of about thirty days, on average, for the modality of invitation (fastest of the traditional modalities) 6. It is of utmost importance to attempt against for the question of the transparency in the acts of the Public Administration. The modality Proclamation influences in positive way for a bigger transparency in the licitatrio process, therefore being in the Actual Proclamation the bidders they are gifts in the dispute and in the Electronic Proclamation the licitations can be follow through internet4. THE SRP ' ' it consists of a special procedure of licitation and act of contract that can be adopted for purchases whose objects consist of materials, products or sorts of frequent consumption for the Pblico&#039 Power; ' 9. Valley to stand out that SRP is not a licitation modality, nor of procedures for formal relative price a set, but a licitatrio type register to the rendering of services and acquisition of good, for act of contract futura6.