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Messe Wien Exhibition

Innovative printer solutions focus on the post-Expo 2013 citizen systems Europe is at the post Expo 2013 in Vienna launches the easy label printer CL-S321. At the fair, visitors can experience the compatibility and simplicity of the CL S321 immediately. Since the printer in daily operation is particularly reliable, it requires shorter maintenance times and less effort for training and support, leaving more time for its core business user. Design and development of the CL S321 are designed that customers can achieve reliable results at a competitive price even in hectic times. As a latest printer he joins specially in a long tradition of citizen label printers with proven performance features for the postal sector. The main strength of the CL S321 is that the printer EPL2 is compatible. Therefore, you can easily connect to existing systems and immediately start with the pressure.

In addition brings the printer both Ethernet, RS-232 and USB interfaces. With a print speed of up to 102 mm per second he contributes to productivity, where he offers both direct thermal and thermal transfer printing optional. The special citizen Hi-open to ensure high printing speed with minimal maintenance, allows easy change of media housing. Due to its compact and efficient design, the printer has small dimensions and thus saving space. His features are complemented by the operation via a single button so that the CL S321 emerges as a simple, durable and multi-compatible desktop solution. The post Expo 2013 takes 1 3 October 2013 held at the Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center in Vienna, Austria. Citizen issues 1134 at the booth.

Pyrenees Ecotoner Manager

Monsoon, 26 May 2011-Ecotoner cartridges compatible, company of Monzon (Huesca), opened a line of collaboration in 2006 with diminished psychic Queen Sofia in the town centre. The balance has proved satisfactory to both parties and commitment will be maintained until 2012. The students of occupational workshops are responsible for packaging and dated the cartridges of printers that are not its own manufacturing, and this manual and individualized control of each unit joins the supervision of Directors. Thus, in this part of the process quality is doubly guaranteed. Miguel Aljama, Pyrenees Ecotoner Manager, says: the quality is not a goal, but a way of doing things, and in the current market, the best letter of introduction.

The embedded cartridges with our media work delegated in this case, in pre-employment workshop students, assures us the excellence of the product and, consequently, the satisfaction of the client. If a shipment arrives from the factory with a small defect or it has been affected by transport, handlers detect the anomaly and discarded it. Our obsession is not to disappoint neither customers nor to the final consumer, and this screen gives us full confidence. The kids of the Reina Sofia fit IMAX, owned by the montisonense signature brand toner and ink cartridges. The job brings them a remuneration and complements the daily program of education and leisure activities. In addition, the address of the Center assesses two parallel psychosocial benefits: the task makes them feel useful and, most importantly, leads them to assume responsibilities, resulting in his training at all levels. Seal IMAX, since it combines recycling and social work.

About Ecotoner cartridges compatible Ecotoner Pyrenees S.L.U, company dedicated to the distribution of original and compatible printer cartridges of toner and ink of the Imax in Spain brand, it starts its activity in 1999, with the intention of saving printing costs to users. Considering the quality and the attention to the client objectives, Ecotoner had a fleet of printers to test all the cartridges. Being brought to trial one by one in toner and performing a double unit control in ink before distributing the product. Instigating, in turn, providers have approved quality standards and use raw materials of last generation in its production. More information on Ecotoner cartridges compatible

The Time

Acoustics (Theatre). In a dwelling, it is desirable to a short but detectable reverberation time. We are now talking about noise. The noise can be transmitted through multiple pathways. Through the air or through a solid medium in which part of the sound it will reflect, some will be absorbed, and the remainder transmitted through the object.

The amount of sound reflected, absorbed or transmitted depends on the properties of the object, its shape, thickness and method of mounting, as well as the angle of incidence and the incident sound wave. The sound to move away from the source of noise intensity level decreases by 6 dB each time is twice the distance from the source in a free field. No less important are the materials: materials, in fact, in acoustics can be used to reduce the time of reverberation of a room or used as a barrier to reduce the intensity of the sound that travels from one point to another. Perhaps the most important of these materials are porous materials, which are constituted by a solid structure within which there is a series of cavities or pores interconected among themselves and with the outside world. Porous materials include rock wool, foam polystyrene, carpets, etc.

To modify the reverberations, the architect has two types of materials to cover surfaces in a room: that reflect sound and those who absorb it. The soft materials such as cork or felt absorb most of the sound that strikes them, although they may reflect some low frequency sounds. Hard materials such as stone or metals reflect almost all sound that reaches them. The acoustics of a large auditorium can be very different when it is full and when is empty: empty seats reflect the sound, while the audience absorbs it. In the majority of cases, the acoustics of a Hall is satisfactory if achieved an appropriate balance between sound-absorbent and reflective materials.

Nery Decision

In this subject, the doctrine diverge regarding this species of assistants to directly be able to be reached by the sentencial decision, exactly not integrating the procedural relation. For the doutrinadores that defend this thesis, the justification if of on account of the similarity enters this type of assistant and the unitary facultative joint party, that exactly suffers the effect from the considered thing opting to not participating of the process. This is the agreement of Nelson Nery Jnior and Rosa Maria of Andrade 17 Nery, for example, and ours to see, most correct, in view of that, the two receive identical treatment procedural. Another question of great relevance in what it refers to the incidence of the thing judged on the assistants, says respect the possibility of the quarrel of ‘ ‘ justice of deciso’ ‘ after the res judicata. Art. 55 of the CPC affirm that ‘ ‘ transited in judged the sentence, in the cause where assistant intervined, this will not be able, in posterior process, to argue the justice of the decision, saved if to allege and to prove … ‘ ‘.

‘ ‘ One understands for justice of the decision the beddings in fact and of right of the sentence, that is, after the judged transit in of the sentence given in the process in which it intervined, the simple assistant will not be able more, in future process, to argue those facts that had been adopted by the judge as bedding of the decision for pronounced it. The doctrine, in its great majority, nominates this procedural phenomenon of effect of the intervention or effectiveness of assistncia’ ‘.