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Confessions Well

I must confess that necessary of love! That necessary of one I hug in cold nights and a cup of hot chocolate. That necessary of true smiles, of that we only know to take off of somebody. That necessary of histories and a kiss in the forehead before sleeping. That necessary of a company in one to put of the sun, to go up in a mountain and to feel the light breeze, to look at the horizon and to the side it can have somebody. I must confess that necessary of loving recadinhos, messages, and emails.

That necessary of affection, soft touchs, ludibriantes looks. That necessary of attention to speak of loves that I could not live, of looks that never I will forget, them my deeper desires. That necessary of a col pra to cry my hurts, my tensions, my fears. That necessary of a shoulder to agree me. to look at to the side and only to smile saying that I go to be well.

That necessary of kisses that if incase perfectly to mine. That necessary of somebody to divide the bizarros moments most complex and of my life. That to risk necessary me, to run, to smile, to jump, to play to amuse, me, to have insane people action, to have wild moments, to tan, to place all the kept energy pra are. I must admit that the solitude is cruel the times, even so makes in them to reflect to learn and to grow. But I must confess that nobody makes in them so happy, that nobody can cure a wound of what so well a true love. I must confess that I feel lack of you now!


Never to promise nothing that we cannot fulfill NEVER At the moment which you have fact the pamphlet, ready to command to print, begins to contact with companies of professional buzoneo to carry out the subject of the distribution following the amount the presses take between 2 to 15 days in entregarte printed pamphlets. To decide the zones, days of distribution, to compare budgets, to use the sense common to choose by a company or another one. You never use the tariffs as unique factor to choose the company We must of knowledge that each company has its system of work from the planning to the control, norms of distribution, pursuit and information. The tariffs usually depend generally on the characteristics of the pamphlet (so large, format, weight etc), zone of distribution (blocks of houses or villas), is here where the importance comes from the distribution norms, since a company that it leaves the 100% of pamphlets in the case of the publicity basket and doorman physicist will have the low tariff but that a company that leaves of 3 5 pamphlets. But we want to contract a buzoneo that is to deposit our publicity within the mailboxes 80% of distributed pamphlets in baskets of publicity/physical doorman finishes in the sweepings after few hours I must trust the company that promises to 98% of distribution in mailboxes in a zone with doorman or baskets to me of publicity? NO, there are inaccessible houses, publicists in the entrance of the vestibules that this very fashionable for a long time, because some neighbor communities try to defend of the massive reception of publicity prohibiting the buzoneo or placing a common mailbox. Then that happens, people it do not like the propaganda? They associate it with sweepings? It is not necessary that loses my money in buzoneos? For anything, this is not certain, people has the anxiety to receive supplies, discounts gratuitous samples, invitations the etc, normally most receptive are women than they have between 30 and 50 years, with an average level of education and sectors that enjoy answer frequent are the leisure and the products of beauty and hairdressing salon..

Comprehensive Fleet Management

VehcoWeb provides such as analyzing, evaluating and comparing the driving behaviour of all driver that application is itself equally, dispatchers, fleet managers and business leaders, because it caters to the focus on different users. VehcoWeb allows such as analyzing, evaluating and comparing the driving behaviour of all driver Ahrensburg near Hamburg, 30.05.2013. In addition to the diesel consumption, you can retrieve also figures to the efficiency of the crews of vehicles engaged in a management cockpit. Thus, also the skill of the schedulers can be analyzed and optimized on the basis of objective data. In addition to the analysis of collected data via freely definable periods, VehcoWeb shows Alternatively the current position data of all vehicles used and the operating times of the crews of vehicles in real time.

The new application VehcoWeb completes the best download suite to control and manage telematikgestutzter fleets. The controllable via a browser solution combines the capabilities of two proven applications VehcoManager and VehcoMap in one Surface. The VehcoManager is a management and administration tool. While the VehcoManager with its extensive analysis is primarily aimed at fleet manager and Managing Director, VehcoMap was designed first and foremost for dispatchers. VehcoMap visualized as the current positions of all vehicles used, shows the available driving and rest periods and early warns of impending delays or driving time infringements.

The most common features were fully taken over in VehcoWeb. At the same time VehcoWeb added new indicators and trend analyses for fuel consumption, driving style and vehicle usage. The telematics providers as required locally presents its novelties. Also, download between June 13 and 15, at the annual general meeting of Transfrigoroute in Hamburg is to be found. Here, the telematics solution VehcoCold specially designed for cooling logistics companies in the food and pharmaceuticals in the foreground will be however. The telematics solution tractor and trailer are using RFID technology linked intelligently and cost effectively with each other.

The Tasks Of A Furniture Carpenter

The profession of the furniture Carpenter is very large the scope of duties of the furniture Carpenter is very diverse. Wood provides a large area as a building material for design options and creative processing and the cabinet maker uses these opportunities to build, not only furniture but complete interior spaces. Whether furniture custom-made, a total concept for a dwelling or business premises, a reception desk or the facilities of a lobby: A furniture Carpenter has numerous options, where he can prove traditional and modern craft skills. As the meaningless cheap furniture market is saturated, many people’s interest in high-quality furniture grows to measure, often made of solid wood. The cabinetmaker has to make furniture the skills precisely according to the wishes and needs of our clients.

This applies to private customers and apartments as well as on commercial areas, doctor’s offices, shops and many more. Anywhere good shine Furniture, the Schreiner individually manufactured from a special atmosphere. While it is a furnishing concept to develop – and it also the tasks of the Carpenter together with its customers then into action to implement. For this reason, the cabinet maker required not only technical skill, but also creativity and a good judge of character for the exercise of his profession. In addition a high technical understanding for dealing with today modern wood processing equipment, which are often computer controlled and must be adjusted accurately so that they provide accurate results. In the private sector designs and builds the cabinet maker individual pieces or full facilities of a space, for example whole living or bedrooms, kitchens, and baths. Business and office space, input facilities and physician practices are made by a Carpenter also often so that in addition to the quality also the exterior in every detail.

Carpenter pays attention at each piece of furniture on maximum functionality and a long service life. Accordingly he must be familiar with wood as a material and know what Woods for what furniture are best suited. Other parts such as hinges and fittings to be added. Out of everything, the cabinetmaker produces exactly those pieces that require its customers.

Weber Shandwick

However, a more strategic approach, in particular in the choice of communication platforms is advisable. 5. They ensure transparency and honesty the interview partners insist on unique clear rules of engagement and the visibility of these rules on all social platforms. Some companies provide a digital code of ethics, internal and external target groups “available, while other corporations a softer” speech with their user groups as more effective. 6 They appoint contact persons and supporting them these are the associations of employees, full support, as well as the corresponding training the key for successful programs. 7 Involve internal stakeholders in particular the support of colleagues of the Legal Department and the Medical Department is crucial. In addition, support the strategic planning is useful Division in the development process and obstacles. 8.

Increase internal training share best practice examples and results with colleagues. Thus, reach a wider internal approval and support and increase the knowledge of our colleagues at the same time. Some of the respondents hired external experts to inspire internal stakeholder for social media and platforms. 9 You will find appropriate employees a majority of respondents see catching up their employees regarding Experience with social media. Other respondents see the need for additional resources to effectively implement programs to social media. 10 Searching for ROI METRICS although no completely satisfactory the challenges with regard to return on investment (ROI), specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, has answered is indispensable continues to look for ways to make tangible the ROI of social media for the pharmaceutical companies.

The results of digital health: Building social confidence in pharmaceutical show that some of the obstacles mentioned by the pharmaceutical companies can be solved, in particular through improved internal communication, better cooperation between Unternehmsbereichen and more flexible organisational structures. It is to effectively integrate the ability of social media in pharmaceutical companies and to build a closer relationship with external stakeholders. For more information and the complete study see Weber Shandwick is one of the international leading communication agencies with offices in 81 countries. “” “The agency won numerous awards for innovative and creative campaigns and was 2012 among others of the Holmes report as a first place winner of the creative index” to the global agency of the year “and most creative PR firm in the world” as well as by PR News for the digital PR firm of the year “award. At the German sites of Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and Munich, Weber Shandwick offers strategic advice as well as planning and implementation of integrated communication services in the central business areas consumer, corporate, healthcare and technology, public affairs and crisis communications. With a wealth of experience in social media communications and digital marketing positioned the company as a successful engagement drivers. Weber Shandwick is part of the Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG). contact Weber Shandwick Healthcare Dr. Torsten Rotharmel Tel. 069 913043 551

Mobile Tel

Then again, such factors play a role as the height of the still active investments (modernisation accumulation), the height possible rental income (NET / cold) and the creditworthiness of the tenant. Is important in this context, that the rent payable by the tenant is only as high as he can muster in the long term. When the part surfaces for rent m-Wohnflache should be taken on a balance between the number of rooms to the m. A loft apartment of 120 m may appeal to some tenants, the majority can’t afford but they due to the total costs (rent, heating / incidental / operating costs), so that a new hire would be difficult. A reputable broker is always in detail and comprehensively advise his customers on these issues and may like to even forgo a business before he runs them in the lurch. It is not advisable on a financing period of 30 or more years and one to engage only 1% redemption, because there is then hardly a possibility the monthly rate of e.g. the extension of the duration to minimize in the case of only over the lower income.

A Buyers should approach as a purchasing decision, that the monthly burden within the framework only so much is a financing about the value, you would spend for a price, and you could earn this difference even in times, where a lower income is available, the overall burden including all incidental to cover operating and heating costs. Should be thought an object only to the plant and not partial own use, then you should make sure that you have a high risk of spreading. I.e., that a single-family house and a condo risks here larger than a 2-, 3 – or apartment building. Finally it under normal circumstances less likely that when a 3-family house with a two or even three tenants with a fall out and the burden of the Bank no longer is covered, while at a single-family house or an ETW must pay the monthly burden out of your own pocket if there is the tenant or the rent. Of course, such factors play here as Location, environment, return rental an important role, because even the preisgunstigst acquired object is useless, if it is not continuous or rentable again only to compromise of most financial art.

Because most investors here are not real estate professionals, I rate it from on real estate funds equal to what art to participate. Here hide too many uncertainties that investors can not overlook, and cavort still too many black sheep”. Like we are for more questions. “Please note also our forthcoming report on the topic of investment in a traditional insurance or investment in precious metals?” and our contribution to the subject of purchase of real estate in the context of foreclosures “. KIM Konig real estate UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Muhlhausen H. Garcia (the terms and conditions of our company apply.) KIM – King real estate UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Muhlhausen H. Garcia 99974 Muhlhausen, Council Street 14-16 Mobile Tel. 03601 406509 fax 03601 758760 01520 9844281

Handelskammer Potsdam

Michael Embach, Managing Director of eab solar, says: the roof introduced us to the workshop challenge, because his condition allowed a very low loading. The structural engineer was positively surprised that there is a mounting system that fits so perfectly on this roof difficult. The high-quality frame system of mounting system has convinced us and we want to use it for future projects.” In the pilot project in Castle the total weight was included mounting system, module and ballast mere 8.3 kilograms per square meter. We glad to be able to implement the pilot project together with the municipal Castle and eab solar”, says Andreas Kane, Managing Director of mounting systems, by the East-West configuration, the flat roof system offers a homogeneous throughout the day power generation. This already increases the potential consumption rate without memory. In close co-operation with utilities interesting prospects for the future of solar energy and in the medium term many new business models emerge.

Here the customer can rely on our experience from 20 years of company history.” About mounting systems GmbH, mounting systems GmbH is one of the largest international Frame manufacturers in the field of solar energy. With 20 years experience in the market, the company is one of the most experienced manufacturers of frames and module frames for photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. The present company was founded in 1993 in Dahlewitz/Berlin. In September 2008, mounting systems GmbH started their operations as an independent company and since then independently sells its products on the market. Today, the mounting systems go out of Brandenburg in the whole world.

2010 opened mounting system a representation office in Lyon France, and started in 2011 with its own production in West Sacramento, United States. Since March, a further representative office in London, United Kingdom available is the customers. Since July 2013, the frame producer advises clients in Tokyo, Japan on the spot. The Industrie – und Handelskammer Potsdam has awarded for their achievements mounting system in October 2010 with the CAI the company of industry and Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Potsdam in the category growth. In the August of 2013, the company was awarded by the Chamber of Commerce the award “Recognized training company”. In spring 2013 re certified according to ISO 9001 (in 2007) of the TuV Rheinland location in Rangsdorf near Berlin. Around 220 employees now work 17,000 m of large production and storage area on the. For editorial questions and images we are at all times available. Press inquiries Lydia Hannemann Manager Public Relations Tel. + 49 (0) 33708 529-357 fax + 49 (0) 33708 529 199 mobile + 49 (0) 160 47 50 378 mounting systems GmbH of Mittenwald str. 9a D 15834 rank village

Mainzer Landstrasse

Adept has therefore consult with the adi5! And payments module developed a solution which helps businesses to optimize their current processes in the tax and accounting and to adapt to the new rules. The correct transmission of data to the financial authority is thereby fully integrated. The module offers both the combined delivery of a German commercial code balance sheet with a reconciliation of the tax balance sheet as also the direct delivery of a tax balance sheet. This includes adi5! all of the editing features to the account and the correct calculation of all balance sheet and income statement items. Compliance with the calculation rules required in the taxonomies and the deployment of the values in the required XBRL format round – balance functionality by adi5! AB. With adi5! the balance for our clients to a successful business case “covered the advantages Klaus Beck-Dede together. The award-winning software from adept consult allows a variable presentation of balance sheet and profit and loss depending on the addressed target group and an extensive automation of all items (monthly Boundaries, consolidation, control, etc.).

Also, the software creates a high level of transparency through revision-safe processing and facilitates regular reporting to investors, lenders, the capital market or the banks. The functions of adi5! benefit the quality of earnings as well as the revision security and the measurability of the processes. Moreover, the time pressure, the staff workload and personnel costs fall. The adept consult AG is a supplier of solutions for information logistics and business intelligence, specializing in the areas of accounting, controlling & finance, and asset management. With, the company offices in Frankfurt and London offers innovative software solutions that lead to sustained improved profitability and processing for more than 25 years. With a focus on automating processes helps adept consult its customers to higher data quality, greater transparency, and increasing efficiency. “” The company to comprehensive services in the areas of tax & finance “and asset management” complements the customizable and powerful software solutions that can effectively reduce the risk of projects by existing functionalities. Contact: adept consult AG Klaus Beck-Dede (CEO) Mainzer Landstrasse 191 60327 Frankfurt Tel. 069-3660070