Monthly Archive for July, 2014

Second Youth Air

When you’re young, you do not doubt in taking risks, but now, one as adult, doubt and thinks him more when it comes to risk. Moreover, on many occasions adults almost always prefer to go by it safe risk, yet and when we know that if we risk obtain more benefits. Investment funds are an excellent option for you take your second youth and you start to take a risk, but it safe and air with the certainty that will benefit. Investment funds are one of the best methods of saving and money gain, but the key is to take that small step to risk us. The more you risk, more you win, the only thing is be very knowledgeable of all the data and relevant information related to the investment fund that you’ve chosen to put your money. You must remember and always keep in mind that risk can bring great benefits, but always and when do it politely. Get closer to experts, learn and begins to take a risk with the investment, your best option of saving funds and increase in money. Investment funds will change you life, because they are the easiest way to earn money as a professional economist, but without many restrictions, the only detail is to remember that always you should follow your instincts, get into the game and dare..

Diamond Quality

Appraising quality simplification, nothing more it is of what a set of characteristics of a product or service that satisfies the necessities of the consumer. According to Diamond, Lazzarotto, Busnello (2004) the satisfaction of the user is the main target of an organization and one of the main instruments of differentiation between same and its competitors. Being that it enters the users products and services of the organization, the local community are included buying external of, employee, controlling, supervisors and its proprietors. still, in accordance with Cruz and Mireielle (2008) to evaluate a service becomes complex comparing to evaluate it a product, therefore the product is tangible, the user can detect defects, inquire its functioning, compare the durability, verify its quality in terms of conformity with the specifications of the manufacturer; while the service first is bought, it stops simultaneously later being produced and being consumed, being the possible perceived and tried defects, what it characterizes its inseparability (production-I consume). This characteristic increases the importance of the relationship also enters the lender of the service and the user and the variation in the quality of the supplied service.

In Brazil one of the biggest difficulties in if implanting systems of quality in the health services, are particular or public they, occur due to the low incentives to the classroom, as: low wages (unbalanced), extreme amount of hours worked, little referring legislation to the workers of the area, and also the existing majority does not protect the workers in the performance of its functions. Therefore the physical and mental load that a worker of this area receives every day becomes exhausting, beyond that many professionals (as: doctors, nursing in general, physiotherapists and others, possess an employment bond more than to be able to survive). An example is the resolutions, legislate and similar that are moving have much time in the congress without irresolution – in the search of setting of wage pesos for the classrooms and reduction of worked hours weekly, among others.