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Eat delicious and nourishing and easily at home apartments. First protorchat for his plate of hours 8, in the future – personally, lay the family table. It was only later, noticeably tired of all this process, chew his 'kitchen' and certainly a miracle to clean the dishes. Do not rule out someone this course of life are satisfied. But if you are very tired and dreaming of all the same, eat in an intimate cafe-bar? Then you immediately should look at the cafe on the right. To indulge in delicious treats for a long time from our chief cook and make sure that an amazing place you will ever find. When navedyvanii restaurant or cafe-bar is follow a few rules of the banal. Agree on how to book a table preferably in advance by calling.

Take into account accepted norms of dress: as usual this evening style image or a sufficient As a strict dress and restrained. During dinner, spends the entire service waiter or bartender, and ordered a dish if suddenly there is no time or place some other unpleasant adversities, befitting politely analyze this question. At the very least go for help to the manager. Shout ugly. After finishing dinner, you need to make money on the provided Kvitka and give small amounts of cash – for tea. Tips should be left on as usual, about 10 percent of the and the money spent. It remains only to wish you a merry time!

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Most of these data are stored in the subconscious (where 90% of the memory is located) and hence some come to your consents (10% of the memory) which are those who can remember, they generate paradigms and behaviors. He who has a mind to develop you can control all of these involuntary thoughts and just projecting what you really want. Develop memory requires a process, if they practice constantly succeed in a very short time, I guarantee it. Here I present some basic exercises for memory that you can perform at any time. 1. The long-term memory is stored in the subconscious or I means in order to achieve the needed some impact emotional, what you should do is to link emotions and own feelings that you can associate with what you want to remember.

Living with intensity we want to remember, put to work all our senses. 2.-Rests, studies in a college show that better remember those students who took rest before submitting a test for those who did not stop studying. As well as recharges your phone, also need breaks to recharge the memory. Report Toll free: How to improve memory in just 7 days, download it here 3-organise your, well organized and coherent data are much easier to remember, for example a song. 4.-See more beyond your ordinary tasks, when you place always preguntante activity which such Yes? And thou shalt put to work the mind a lot. 5 Alimentante healthy, rests and engaging in any physical activity. 6.-Listening music, excellent music (mainly classical), remains active all brain functions. In addition to develop memory, you develop the visual and auditory. Does it seem complicated to apply each of them? Do such if it encourages you to do one at a time until you convert it into a habit? You will see the change from the first month, and where each of them are part of your daily life, I assure you that you will have a memory developed and ready for success!