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The Dawn

The artistic meeting for the sugestividade of the beauty of the lark is for the reader the moment of bigger occurrence of its reading. In this state it contemplates the deepest interpretation of the art, being to it reverted the accomplishment of I poetical voante. Vi the lark and I never arise myself uselessly before the dawn. The lark is not a bird of the land But they listen as I listen. They do not hear in some place, there from above, to grind in a gold goblet crystal pieces? Who will be able to say me where sings the lark? ……………………………………………………………… The lark lives in the sky, and is the only bird of the sky whose I sing arrives until us.

Led to the figurative establishment for lark for the search of the artistic beauty, the reader is lead to contemplate its slightness to express its flight, which is lead poeticalally by the imaginary wings, however discerning of its attachment to the latent onirismo in its accomplishments, in its contemplations designed of and in the work of art. It of the wings for the projection is promoted poetical that the reader reaches during its contact with the poetical object. This object is for it a learning infinda, accurately for flying in its imagination, which leaves to have end to produce new decurrent artistic readings of the lived metaphors. If the life contemplated only the Real would be destoante the flight that the reader carries through in contact with the art, with the artistic one. ‘ ‘ The real being in does not teach nothing to them; the lark is ‘ ‘ pure imagem’ ‘ , pure image spiritual that does not find its life seno in the aerial imagination, as center of the metaphors of air and ascenso’ ‘ (P.


Guided for a script of studies and guided for the professors you discipline of them previously mentioned, the researchers had carried through one interview (field research) the employees and had observed the internal environment of the establishment. For Marconi (1990, P. 75 apud ANDRADE, 2009, p.117), ' ' Research of field is that one used with objective to obtain information and/or knowledge concerning a problem, for which if it looks a reply, or a hypothesis, that if wants to prove or, still, to discover new phenomena or the relations between eles' '. In this direction, the work has as objective main to analyze the practical organizacionais in the internal environment of a company, being had as reference the contents you discipline of them studied in the first period. 2. THE ADMINISTRATION AND ITS CHALLENGES 2.1. The art to manage the art to manage if translates for the performance of the administrative functions through the levels strategical, tactical and operational of sequenciada and correct form, guiding and leading the company to the reach of the longed for objectives. The task of the administration started to be to interpret the objectives considered for the organization and to transform them in organizacional action by means of planning, organization, direction and control of all the efforts carried through in all the areas and all the levels of the organization, in order to more reach such objectives in the way adjusted to the situation and to guarantee the competitiveness in a concorrencial and highly complex world business-oriented.

(CHIAVENATO, 2003, p.11). The good performance of the administrative functions inside of each level and sectors is essential for development of the administration, them forms the administrative manual. In the studied organization the planning, the organization, the direction and the control are gifts, however they are executed of centered form, mainly in the strategical level of the company.