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Managing Chaos In Group Work

Questioning – paving the way Heidegger Baseline case was in 1996. Head of the Laboratory of the Institute of Vocational Education shared her difficulty: – Received job of the Office of the Director to develop a model vocational schools, I do not know what to do. Maybe give up …? I said: – If you want – can help. This started our work. SITUATION ANALYSIS AND SELECTION PROBLEMS education system of Chelyabinsk in the years to solve many complex problems. New challenges, new tasks fell on top of the head of school principals and heads of kindergartens. And for those lacking the means to meet challenges they face. Practices, there were two solutions to: – brainstorming session with his "headquarters" – to develop a FDP (fake product demonstration), how beautiful these things called GP Shchedrovitskii, many who worked with the formation of the city.

The overall problem was that the changes in environment require adequate response managers of education, they dumped their problems on the shoulders of the "science" and scientists have no ready-made methods and tools to solve new problems, such a level. I was at this time training received at the workshops Talgat Foatovich Akbasheva, in those years, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, and is now an academician. Universal technology developing co-operation, he had created in the 80s, let me work consultant in the formation of the city, helping to meet the new challenges the school director, director of vocational schools and see the mechanisms causing the problems. Particular problem of the head of the Laboratory IPO was that: – must be addressed problem and there is no adequate means, but we can not and refuse to be accused of incompetence. PROGRESS ON DECISIONS Head asked: – How could you help? I said: – It is necessary to gather people from the work of vocational director, and first of all directors themselves.

Levi Salmon

Fly fishing is experiencing today in the Finland present revival. Rivers and rapids offer fly-fishing to excellent opportunities. In some rapids special places designed for fly fishing. Fly-fishing is most often caught salmon, trout and grayling. Our guides will teach you this method of catching. BEST biting for anglers this fishing If you – or a passion for business-life, we encourage you to visit the salmon rivers of Lapland and in the Archipelago, where sea trout are caught perfectly and pike. Those who prefer fly fishing, in addition to salmon rekLaplandii interested and interesting trout rapids in South and Central Finland.

In whatever corner you go in Finland rest, all the necessary information about fishing and the local instructors, you can contact the nearest tourist information point or directly to the place where you are housed. In Levi, we offer you a comfortable cottages and fishing on salmon rivers. In Finland can fish in any season! Depending on the time of year you can choose what and how to fish you catch. There is no season when the angler nothing to do in Finland! Perch – a fisherman's best friend: this 'national fish of Finland' found throughout the country and perfectly bite at any time of year. In winter it is perfectly caught in the ice, and summer – on a float rod. At the end of spring and summer, well caught at the bait, and other typical Finnish fish species: roach, bream, carp and others. For example, the best time for fishing with bait in southern Finland – from April 15 to May 15.

The best time for fishing Artificial bait pike – spring and autumn, although it can lure of secluded hamlets always, until the water is not covered by ice. The most successful season for trout fishing in the sea – April – May and September – November. Grayling, salmon, trout, whitefish willingly take the bait in the summer and fall, especially on the rivers and rapids. And if you are fond of trolling for salmon in the open sea, your best bet is to fish in Finland in late May – July. The best season for walleye trolling – the beginning summer, June – July. And what a pleasure from the winter fishing for burbot! Now in December, but we planning to travel to Turku on the perch. Last week, for 80 pieces brought friends. So at any time of year, we invite us on a fishing trip with the company Mivela. Visit our site and choose rest in his soul.

Sms For Utilities

The most common type of debts of the population – is in arrears in paying for housing and communal services, and there are a number of measures that management uses to repay debts and to prevent their occurrence. Very private management companies to periodically remind residents about the timing and amounts of payments by mail and by phone, hang out lists of defaulters. This method of notification, which are conventional and are used in the housing economy for a long time. But all these methods do not give notice of the absolute guarantee that the information reaches the tenant. The phone can no reply, post a notice gets lost, and the lists of defaulters without supervision by senior entrance break in the first day. But how efficiently the system works notices and reminders will be directly dependent on how many debtors. But what if the message is coming directly into the pocket of a subscriber, but rather on his mobile as SMS? Then the information will surely be read and stored. There are programs that allow you to make automated mass-mailing SMS, and phone numbers are taken from you compiled the list.

Report will contain, for example, notification of the amount of debt, this amount is taken from the same list and automatically entered into the text. This means that using such a program, you can make the process of notification of the debt is fully automatic. And, as a rule, it does not require any special skills, and without the use of sophisticated equipment – the program is installed on an ordinary computer, and for mailing can be used by the modem, or IP-telephony. This SMS service can send a novelty at first, but judging by the reviews of those who are already using similar products, the results are impressive. If type in the search – there will be a pretty impressive list of programs and online services: Prostos, SMSping, Call Office, and many others. The choice is yours

Inner Cents

Motivation, as most already know, is the internal and external. How to understand it and how does it work? Push-pull or productive motivation under the windows of the house an old man got into the habit to play the children. Every evening they gather on the lawn in front of his house, ran noisily than he strongly disturbed. No requests and entreaties to play away from his home did not help. He has long tormented by the question: what to do with them and came up with – he went out to the children and said, 'You are a very good day running, frolicking and shouting. During that each of you will receive $ 1 today. " Can you imagine the reaction of children? Not only do they enjoy the game, they got more and money. Children were very happy.

The next day the landlord came out to the children playing and said, 'You know, kids today are my circumstances have changed, and I give you only 50 cents. " Kids have money, but were already screaming and with less enthusiasm. The next day the wise men gave to children at 20 cents and said, 'Come again tomorrow and I'll give you 5 cents. " To this they answered: 'Here yet! Shall we then run around and scream for some 5 cents! ". In this convoluted way this old man got rid of noise and shouting at their windows. What was this story? The intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. What did the wise man? He lowered the intrinsic motivation of children (their own emotions, the desire to play freely, 'to run and shout'), moving it to an external motivation (money) and then removed it, too. Where did become of intrinsic motivation of these children? Vanished like smoke … Where does the inner motivation of those who first actively and with interest starting to run your campaign, and then …

Banking Sector Look Before

Smart people always learn from others' mistakes, not the most intelligent – on their own, but fools do not learn at all in the Ukrainian banking sector came to reform. National Bank has decided to fight the 'bad' assets pulling to the bottom of the entire banking system. To say that it is now necessary to Ukrainian banks, it is nothing to say. This question is so long overdue that we can say, 'inflamed'. Half-measures that NBU limited so far, no good 'patient' is not brought. It's time to cardiac steps.

According to official data, about 15% of all assets in the banking sector in Ukraine – problem. In fact, according to most experts, this figure is much higher at around 30-35% of assets. In order not to heat up the situation, the National Bank began from a distance, inviting the public to discuss the establishment of the Bank 'distressed' assets, which consolidates the 'bad' assets and will work with them, thus 'clearing' system. The very idea of a 'Bad-bank' is not new even for Ukraine. This question is discussed more closely in the crisis year of 2009. But did not get, despite all calls for the IMF and World Bank to restore order in this area. Our international partners for two years now sounding the alarm. Moreover, they are clearly warned that until we have cleaned up their banks, nor of any large-scale investment programs out of the question.

And so, the process used to say, as a prominent political figure of 80th and went. But before you start a discussion about ways of solving the problems of the Ukrainian banking sector, it would be nice of Health estimate that in this direction have already done elsewhere. Russia is our strategic partner solved the problem with the cleaning of the banking system immediately in two directions. Eto'o is typical for Russia, agree.

Russian Federation Andrei Polosin

Students listened to lectures every day and debated in seminars – just like at the university, with the only difference being that the role of the lecturers were the leading specialists of the political sphere, and seminar hours guys organizing themselves. Numerous training sessions on specific areas of technology and political psychology of effective communication, round table discussions on current topics with presentations of participants and guests of the Summer political science school, master-classes of political scientists and practitioners, communication with the leading technologists and social scientists has allowed young people to gain valuable knowledge and experience in the field of political consulting, PR and electoral technologies. Expert Forum is a very picturesque: the chief editor of the "political class" Vitaly Tretyakov, the advisor of the Office of the President of Russia's domestic politics Oleg Matveychev, director of the Institute of Political Studies, member of the State Duma Sergei Markov, the chief adviser to the Office of the President for Domestic Policy of the Russian Federation Andrei Polosin, TV Maxim Shevchenko, Head of the Publishing House "St. Nicholas-Media" Igor Mintusov and others. Opportunity for informal contact with them allowed the participants to more deeply explore the pressing issues of our time and to express their position. Global political issues, students learn to be addressed through serious discussions and business games.

One of the most spectacular events of the Forum was the role-playing game, "Presidential Elections Foros." Within two weeks, the candidates for the presidency formed their campaign staffs, establishes a campaign media, a meaningful election campaign. Political intrigue, a desire to seize power, short of one of the monopolization sides, heated debate, the voting system as a phased likened this election. Foros Republic, consisting of a hundred people went wild. Despite the tight schedule, forum participants were offered A rich cultural and entertaining program: daily theme parties, traditional beach mulled wine, a collective swim in the sea, climbing the hill to the Church of the Resurrection Foros, a visit to the city-hero Sevastopol … All of this was the perfect complement to the study and provided an opportunity to find not only friends but also partners in future work to establish contact with potential employers to form a team, which may further implement important and interesting projects. Stay in the Crimea was for students not only RSSU a stepping stone to professional success, but also a superb holiday. After all, Foros, a paradise, one of the most environmentally friendly places to magically join the subtropical creation of man and nature. This picturesque place with little coves with clear, clean water, magnificent cliffs and rock chaos steep slope of the bottom and gravel-pebble beaches.

Days of stay at the Forum passed to our students, as one moment. Fruitful work in workshops and round table discussions, participate in discussions, meetings with experts, the new Dating broadened professional horizons of young professionals. Participation in the "Foros" prestigious. Obtaining exclusive knowledge and skills, participants create a solid platform for your future.

Balanced Scorecard

One will hardly ever find a large company that has no strategy. But having a strategy does not always guarantee the success of a business. It is important to link the strategic and operational management. Simply put, what is being done to achieve the strategic objectives should be linked to the objectives themselves. Often, managers of the company have very little understanding of the strategy, values and mission of the company, or does not understand the essence of strategic goals. In such circumstances, it is difficult to demand from the rank and file employees performance and the right emphasis in their work. SSP – this is just the tool that is able to coordinate the efforts of operational and strategic management. If every employee will understand their contribution to achieving the strategic goal, the company’s success is almost guaranteed.

Balanced Scorecard strategy renders. Understand the strategy – not an easy task, especially at the present time. But what if the strategy is contained in the form of simple circuits? Moreover, to measure progress towards achieving the goals using the correct indicators? Thus, we see where you have to “put pressure”, and what aspect of the enterprise and is not particularly affect the achievement of planned financial results. Balanced Scorecard was developed and first introduced in the early 1990s, when it became clear that in order to gain a competitive advantage, not simply produce goods / services of good quality and in sufficient quantities. Any company – is part of the business world, and so business contacts with many factors affecting its success. Balanced Scorecard consists of four categories (perspectives), which, in turn, include a set of indicators. Key indicators efficiency – not just numbers.

They show how well or poorly to implement strategies. However, it is extremely important to choose the right indicators, otherwise, the top management of the company will operate unnecessary and minor numbers have nothing to do with the strategy of the organization. Four perspectives of BSC is – finance, markets and customers, internal business processes, learning and growth. It is logical and correct to assume that the above categories of indicators cover everything that happens with the company on all fronts. First and foremost, top management and owners of companies put financial goals and determine the indicators of their achievement. Based on financial objectives, a strategy of relations with customers and model behavior in the market. To achieve the financial and customer categories to streamline business processes within companies, as well as develop and train staff. Thus, all the categories and indicators in some way linked, and the MTP is the best show this relationship. One need only look at the strategy map, to understand what it takes to achieve their financial goals. Moreover, do not possess any special knowledge in strategic management and business gurus have to understand the causal relationships between the perspectives of BSC. This is the main advantage of the balanced scorecard because it is accessible to ordinary employees, whose efforts, in fact, achieved results. Creation Balanced Scorecard – did not work for the day and not even a month. Do not expect quick results. Magic is not. But, observing all the rules and recommendations on the implementation of the MSP, you can expect a positive result.

Design Combination

How to choose right color combinations for the design of the site in front of the house? This article is for all those who wish to make their beautiful winter garden, garden design and a hedge, as well as for those who are about to began Lawn mowing, landscaping and installing irrigation systems. The color scheme of the design of your garden, yard and park – one of the most important factors on which we advise to pay attention. Each hue creates a different effect. Often with the help of easy to manage visible space. Effect of color on mood Screaming warm colors in the design of local area, such as red, yellow and orange (for example, flowers, zinnias) can cause emotional arousal.

Warm colors often look closer and make a small space. The use of soft cold tones, like lavender flowers, green or blue flowers, such as hydrangea or lilac, may help to feel relaxed and calm. These colors help to enlarge the space. If you pick up shades for your concept of landscape design, consider this: change option on the street Depending on the territory of the season, intensity of illumination (color fade in the sun), the color must be combined with other colors in the environment; shade prostroek that are around. in the case where the building is dark (Dark wood finish or paint), then choose the right light or bright colors and vice versa. Color Schemes Monochromatic color scheme Landscaping with this scheme is extremely sparingly apply the color. And only shades manipulated – it's different shades of green. This kind of scheme reaches the mood of tranquility and stillness.

Another variation of this color scheme is the introduction of white. To achieve this result are thrown only white flowers. Analog color scheme, then, like a combination of colors combined with one another in order to make them look distinct from other colors. As an example, you could easily result in this option: landing large groups of white or similar in color to white hydrangeas, pink and white lavender. This scheme is a great way to bring about harmony in your area. Conjugated color scheme This scheme is very common and loved by all. It uses the property opposite. Red thrown close to the green and orange – blue or blue and yellow – with purple. Proverb proclaims – opposites attract, and this is can not be good to design the landscape with this color scheme. This scheme is more or less blinding effect depending on the lighting.

Interior Designer

The living room of a House is one of the most important spaces of a House. Destined to be the nerve center, to be the epicenter of the social and family life. It should be a bright and welcoming space. Concepts, you give the study of design of Ana genre always are taken into account in designing this part of a dwelling. A good example is this Hall of Ganduixer, where dominate pure and geometric shapes.

The Interior Designer opted for furniture of straight line that invite guests to order and calm. A place where to receive and care for visits so the quality of furniture, color and hue must be cozy. The current size of the flats, makes this room also the center of family life, so interior design takes on more importance. Divided into two sections, the first highlighted the large table dining and a mirror framed in gold, while in the second the great library, a big sofa in off-white and armchairs with leather earmuffs. A contrast color constant throughout the House, between the light and the dark. A place for read, chat, share, or reflect, all in a same stay lit naturally through the exit to the terrace, without forgetting the night. A large crystal chandelier receives the Diners at the table, while different sconces illuminate the more recreational area.