Indispensable Attribute

Ossetian cuisine has long been famous for its myasnymiblyudami and pastries. In a particularly revered the Ossetians have always been a stew of myasadomashney poultry, lamb and beef. Also enjoyed populyarnostyukukuruznye churek, osetinskiepshenichnye traditional cakes that can be ordered in our bakery, and other bakery products. Meat cooked whole carcass or in large pieces and submitted ssousom garlic, garlic in cream sauce or broth. Applied also skewers izbaraniny, and the meat is not pre-aged in the marinade.

Generally speaking, traditional Ossetian menu is not otlichalosraznoobraziem. Seasoning vegetables with fried onions, tomato paste entered the South Ossetian popularized modern, and now also are an inherent part of the Ossetian cuisine. The national dishes are also not escaped the changes in sostaveingredientov. If earlier Ossetian pies prepared by fresh (without yeast) test, now began to knead the dough with milk or yogurt, sispolzovaniem eggs and margarine. However, such changes are only allowed uluchshitvkus and shelf life of cakes. Key points and principles changes are not touched. Therefore, ordering Ossetian pie in our time, you will receive velikolepnoetraditsionnoe dish Ossetian cuisine, made with the best starinnymretseptam.

Increased and number of fillings for pies, raznoobrazilsyaspisok additives and flavor range. Every hostess tried not only ispechhoroshy cake, but add to it something new, which distinguishes from other horoshihpirogov. Ossetian cuisine develops along with cooking sosednihnarodov. Visitors from other countries are trying national dishes, and on arrival home recipe, spreading, so the meat for predelysozdavshey his nation. Recipes overgrown with additions and recommendations hotyaklyuchevye Ossetian cuisine features remain intact and housewives from generation to generation.

Axpe Consulting

Axpe Consulting has been selected by to provide the services of operations of dominions. The contract, by an initial period of 12 months, has a total amount of 928,000 Euros. Like person in charge from February of 2000 of the registry of names and directions of dominion in Internet under the code .es corresponding to Spain, the assigned enterprise public organization to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce,, are trusting to the company Axpe Consulting the services of operation of dominions .es. The amount of awarding of the contract, by an initial period of 12 months deferrable by other 12 months, ascends to a total of 928,000 Euros. Within the framework of this contract, the personnel of Axpe will take responsibility to assure the capacity answer in time and quality of the service of management of the operations regarding the names registered under the dominion .es, which surpass the number of 1.100.000 already. The professionals of Axpe will participate, therefore, in the actions of throughout the service life of the dominions .es, as well as in other actions employees of the Operations Directorate. The initiative also contemplates consulting services for the improvement of processes, the documentation of procedures, the establishment of control of costs and indicators of quality, without forgetting the improvement the tools management, all of them services in which are specialized Axpe Consulting. BlogRoll.

Danone Agrotorg

In life, many questions, including questions of effective business and lucrative contracts – is a matter of negotiation. Sometimes it happens that the negotiations between partners, in this case between the provider and the network of one issue or another (or on a cluster) collaboration reaches an impasse. No conflict, but also the promotion either. The reasons can be many, are the two main ones: 1. Frequently Mark Bertolini has said that publicly. One of the parties are more experienced in the negotiation process and lead negotiate much more skilled than the other, ie just won the class “because of obvious advantages.” 2. Both sides are highly skilled in negotiating, and arguments for various partners, including unconscious reason, do not reach for one another and mutually accepted. In severe cases, a rejection of the individual partner, which is broadcast on the company he represents, and to a product that This company produces. In these circumstances, to continue talks in the same format and hopeless to deal with such situations, we recommend you bring to negotiate a third party.

And do not attract as mediator if all parties are present simultaneously in the negotiations, and to delegate authority to negotiate on our behalf, to represent its interests. Of course, that prior to such negotiations, and customer Mediator are jointly developing a purpose of the meeting, outline acceptable to the customer “clearing of trades,” develop criteria for success – pre-determine what the outcome of negotiations in this situation can be assessed as positive, some as good, and, finally, what can be considered a complete success. Progress reports is an endorsed the Protocol negotiations between the mediator and partner of the Customer, in which the recorded achievements agreement on further joint action. Known case in 2006. When in the presence of a stalemate between the company and the company Danone Agrotorg, Danone decided to organize joint training in negotiations and has invited He also purchaser, in communications which occurred as the lack of progress.

In one of the consideration for the training of business situations describes a scenario very similar to the real world. During the training, this situation has been successfully solved, which became the basis for solving real issues in real situations. After a short time after the training and Danone Agrotorg congratulated each other on surmounting difficulties in solving important for both Companies issue. When it is appropriate to involve a third party to negotiate? In the case of geographical remoteness of partners when the large investment of time and the probability of a favorable outcome of the meeting is small, when unknown contact and contact with him, when as a result of lengthy negotiations, terms and conditions are unknown, when in the course of protracted negotiations, the parties can not agree. When one of the parties voiced emotional decision, not conducive to business development, and with good intentions, can not publicly change their minds, “not to lose face,” In any case, it is necessary to negotiate. This is worth the entire business – always better to long, though until then, and fruitless, but the negotiations, to study the position of partner, exchange views, to listen and persuade, than not to work on the development of relations and not try to do it all