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Miracle Economy Growth

The miracle economy: 5% growth in 2010 11 November 2009 called him to Rodrigo Rato at the IMF and told him that he didn’t want his money, said Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil, recalling when he took the decision to cancel the debt with the international credit agency. Last Sunday Lionel Barber and Jonathan Wheatley reproduced in an article written for Financial Times, an interview given by the President of Brazil, Lula da Silva that is priceless. In an interview played by Brazilian President, Lula ventured to anticipate that its economy will exceed 5% growth in 2010 when the world is just coming out of the recession. Soon we will have $300 billion (in international reserves), trusted Lula asserted. While the developed economies continued borrowing and taking public debt to unsustainable levels, Brazil has become a net creditor. Without a doubt, the economy of Brazil can be classified as a miracle economy.

Of course, this type of adjectives are valid when concrete elements which justify such an evolution of the economy in such a short time can not be identified, but in the case of Brazil, the fundamentals are clear. Having a State policy and prioritize a predictable and healthy, economic policy that does not deviate to short-term goals, are elements on which rests the Brazilian miracle. The Brazilian miracle supported by sound policies has enabled the control of inflation, a ghost that has terrorized to Latin America for decades and that seems to be banished Brazilian soil due to the consistency of its economic policy. COURSE of economy to understand to the markets the Brazilian real has appreciated strongly in so far this year. The extraordinary recovery of the economy of Brazil predicted what was going to happen with the Brazilian currency. Like to know future investment opportunities early by deciphering the? information that provide us economies? To understand how the economy determines the great movements of the markets, we offer the course of basic economics for investors, which will provide you with the basic elements to understand the functioning of economies and anticipate its trends.

Extrativistas Reserves

In this contextual picture the government starts to create the PADs (Project of Directed Nestings) and Breads (Project of Extrativistas Nesting), in both theoretically searched to cure the conflicts for the land, beyond fomenting a organizacional structure of economy based on the agricultural production (PADs) and on the extrativismo (Breads). However, exactly that the governmental pretension when implementing the creation of Projects of Nesting Dirigidos and Extrativistas (PADs and PAEs), was to diminish the tensions for the referring conflict to the access the land, or same to develop a organizacional structure of economy. In the truth what it occurred was a new form of expropriation of these people, over all, had the lack of assistance and necessary ways for the social and economic development of these seated families then, many saw themselves in a labyrinth without end, where independent of the place that they were, they would continue lost and forgotten. Still emphasizing the politics of nesting developed by the government, the Extrativistas Reserves (RESEXs) and the Agroflorestais Polar regions are had. The RESEXs if appraises as a forest area used by traditional populations, as the seringueiros, for example, and that it keeps its survival through the extrativismo, being able to complement its activities with the practical one of the subsistence agriculture or with the creation of small animals. The point referring key the RESEXs is that these have as objective to protect the ways of life and the culture of these populations, and to assure the sustainable use of the natural resources of the unit. The RESEXs, materializes a searched collective dream in many of the claims of traditional social groups as the seringueiros that per many years galgavam for the right to guarantee its subsistence and quality of life, in the place of its origin and experience, that is, in the forest. Another important aspect in the logic of the RESEXs, is what it concerns the sustainable exploration of the natural resources of the forest, that in this direction is carried through under the criterion of the support and maintenance of the same ones, in order to take care of the necessities of the future generations, that is, searchs a consensus between the exploration and the capacity of regenarao of the natural resources. .

Hacer One

It is common that the people we go very by the life taking us in serious. One creates its own image and it is convinced of her. Who surround to us usually have another perception of one, nevertheless sometimes even very different. They perceive with more facility our ridiculous aspects, those that one accustoms in case to see of reojo, although generally it prefers to avoid any knowledge about his existence. We are used to laughing with facility of the absurd aspects of others, but few dare to do it of their own personal psychological characteristics. This constitutes a comprehensible resistance to see the own ego, with all deformities. It is not very pleasant, in first instance, to discover the uglinesses that one load in his psique. But this is logical, the important thing is to dare to take the following step.

He is worthy to observe that the own people who are able to even laugh of public way of their absurd ones usually generate a great confidence in their resemblances and are perceived like intelligent and sensible people. The gain, in terms of empathy, is well-known. It implies that there is certain knowledge of the human nature and that therefore is reliable. Also he is very frequent that the human beings we are creating of determined way an image of seriousness and formality before the world, with the pretension to generate the perception of which we are respectable and deserving from the confidence that the businesses or tasks of the own daily routine of everyone require. If therefore it is preferred, that is well, we necessarily do not have to try a change.

What is important is the inner attitude, which is the level of brings back to consciousness on one same one. If you are conscious of your own absurd ones, if you begin descubrirte so what you are, then you can laugh with soltura of those ridiculous aspects that loads in your interior. And creme that you are going to rest. You will take off an enormous weight of above when you dare to do it. This can be only before you, in the solitude, or company of some person near your life, if you prefer therefore it, or before a professional psychotherapist. They do the most dared it before strangers. But the important thing is to dare to discover truly absurd situations that one load in its interior. He is excellent to know clearly that one is not to turn this into a dogma but to take it like a suggestion that can ayudarte undergo a certain rest before the heavy load that means to bring to hills the image of excessive seriousness and importance on your person. This of inner waking up is very funny when one is able to laugh on its own behaviors and ridiculous attitudes, which is discovering in the process of the autonoconocimiento and understanding of itself. Then this begins to taste certain very interesting.