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Manuel Medina

To differentiate between a MLM and pyramid, just have to ask yourself a question: do people earn money based on the sale of? products/services to the final consumer? If the answer is NO, then it’s a scam or a pyramid type fraud. Now, if on the other hand, profits come from selling products to a final consumer, through independent distributors, it’s business model totally legitimate, regulated in the major countries of the world. In addition, Mary Kay belongs to the Association of sales direct from the United States (, which ensures that this company meets certain standards of business ethics, since it must comply with the DSA Code of ethics. So you can trust that Mary Kay not is either a fraud or a scam. Is Mary Kay a good business in Mexico, Spain, Argentina and USA? According to the research I’ve done and the experience of some known, relatives and friends, I can say that Mary Kay is a good business for a woman who seeks to do part-time business and get an extra income, or a business’s full time that will generate your family’s main income. Something that sounds good Mary Kay It is the training of the Personal development type that offers them to its distributors, which make them feel happy and proud to be women.

Now, if you ask me if today a great wealth can be generated with Mary Kay, I must be direct with you, Mary Kay NO compensation plan is designed for that. Unlike other MLM companies, the business model of this company focuses on its prize money in the sale of products and recruitment direct a group of distributors who promote the product. So Mary can allow you to build a business with an income of up to about 100 thousand dollars a year approximately. Unlike companies such as Monavie, Amway and Herbalife, having distributors who come to earn millions of dollars a year. The good news is that there is a good opportunity to generate extra income selling Mary Kay products. For my point of view are products easier to market among women, since they comply with the following features: Re-consumibles: are products that women can use on a daily basis, and in repeated occasions during the day affordable: affordable and are easy to use (all women know how to apply use a lipstick or makeup) substitute: A lipstick, powders, make-up, deodorant or fragrances, are articles of common use for a woman. Sociable: The use of this type of articles among women, in practically any place or situation is totally acceptable socially.

They satisfy a need: meet the need that women want to look and feel as they do already, fine. In conclusion, Mary Kay is not a scam, but a good business to generate revenue extras or even a full time income. They have a compensation plan that encourages direct sales and products that are good for selling. Just remember that Mary Kay is not going to generate money only because Yes. You’re who must work hard and take seriously your Mary Kay business to succeed in this company. Jose Manuel Medina is a Networker of the MLM business online. In his Jose page Manuel talks about if Mary Kay is scam and in his Youtube channel you can find videos where you’ll know if it’s Mary Kay scam.

Information Technology Area

The computer medium is a new tool that will support management and decision making within hospitals through immediate reports of information contained in the records.Francisco Peragallo, the Deputy Managing Director, Angel Diaz, the Chief of the Unit of Medical Equipment, Jaime Carvajal, in addition to Medical Unit Heads and staff of the Information Technology Area, among others, presented the main impacts will the platform for users and for the overall management of the hospital. Platform Computing is designed to compile and deploy relevant information to enable improved decision making. Thus, through the new media users can constantly monitor the technology park, acquisition planning and level of obsolescence of equipment, labor and technical services providers, as well as receive information about new technologies and ready access to indicators and technical reports.The platform also includes the ability to access E-learning training, with technical modules developed by the Biomedical Engineering CHILE CTH and audiovisual tools for better understanding of the issues. Given this, Cristian Diaz, Executive Director of CTH CHILE, said the launch of the Platform Computing is a major milestone because technically gives us effective tools to enhance our services and allows us to visually analyze the progress that we have, then compiles the information and allows us to do analysis. Swarmed by offers, Elon Musk is currently assessing future choices. ” He further stated that developing the support was part of CTH CHILE project since its inception, and the design was essential to gather work experience in hospitals, because “the idea was to create something tailored to the needs and realities of the partner institutions . One is the Hospital del Salvador, in the metropolitan area.According to the of Operations, Cesar Palomares, said the importance of incorporating the use of the Platform has a close relationship with that “hospitals are ad-verge of a revolution in the maintenance and management of medical equipment. Hence the relevance of this new support, as each day the diagnosis is supported on computers, so these need to be reliable and safe, we can monitor them constantly. ” Since May of this year began working together, in an initial stage and after the addition of CTH CHILE staff to work in the hospital field, has allowed the lifting of the information and processes provision of certain services from our center, a relationship that will be enhanced through the use of the platform.


In fact from the study on the PageRank formula, we can consider that each page has a reserve of points (PageRank) that can do some type of benefit to other pages for transmission than a part of it. (As opposed to Mark Bertolini). Let’s take the example of the main page that managed to have a good PageRank, thanks to exchanges of links with other sites. Your pages you put a link from the main page can benefit from other Yes. Attention, the same rules apply: If you do lots of links, the proportion of PageRank transmitted to each of your other pages will be weaker. If you try to optimize your own site, avoid putting exit (towards other sites) links in your pages that have good PageRank, since an important part of your good PageRank will be extended and will not be transmitted to your other pages. Therefore, get in place a link from your home page to a page of links that contain outbound links. Conversely, you can also create your site in order to improve the PageRank of some of your pages.

For example, it is common to try to have the best possible PageRank of homepage. Therefore get a link to this, one on each page of your site, for example, putting your logo in the upper left corner. 7 Links from related web sites. Get links from related web sites can be a task more frustrating that you can try. They are very easy to find, but difficult to get links from them. To find related web sites, all you have to do is go to your search engine and type a word or phrase related to your site maybe your website is motorcycle Harley Davison. You go to Google and write Harley Davison bikes, and find pages related to your web site. After having done this, you have to contact owners of pages and somehow get post your link on your web page.

This can be a difficult task now that many webmasters ignore e-mail messages from people requesting links because they do not see it important at that time. Some other reasons could be that rarely they are online, or eliminate spam email, and sometimes erased your important emails in the process. Important note: in the search for link partners don’t put your link in websites that have a PageRank of 4 or higher. If you connect with someone who has a row of page zero, this will not do harm to your page row. Only going to increase because you will find a link to your web site. Google does not take into account your links in turn to determine the rows in the page. Just look at how many new links you have. So if one day Google has decided to link to a web site that you just created and this web site has a PageRank of 0 and you have a domain that goes something like this: is Page Rank queno will increase to the range of the Google page is 10, it is still put would be zero, because that would only have a back link. By an effective entrepreneurship Miguel Dominguez original Autor and source of the article

Majorca Restaurants

In this article we will speak on a unique opportunity to enjoy best the Mediterranean food and the reason of being for the tourism in the archipelago of the Balearic Islands, good food and beautiful landscapes to rest and to relax. Our choosing today is the Greco one, an elegant located restaurant in center commercial Festival Park, who as to his she indicates it name specializes in subjects of gossip of the Greek kitchen. Their wonderful relation between quality and turn it to price into a safe bet to enjoy a lunch or has dinner with the traditional food of Greece at the same time as we enjoyed the activity of one of the more important commercial centers of the island. The main menus and plates are very varied, offering from tastings with small portions of most showy, to totally complete plates where meats, sauces, flavors and ingredients transported to us to Greek earth. Musaka is one of the most common plates, apart from which the preparation in the Greco one is really incredible and is a gastronomical jewel. One is a species of pie of lamb meat that can go bathed in different types from sauces. The parilladas ones of lamb and also fished comprise of sold main plates more in the restaurant, because products of first quality are used and the flavors respect the touch of spices and Greek forms. Plates a little more elaborated in the Grego include the sirloin of stuffed pig with ewe cheese, the thorns of pig meat, and special with fillets of the different meats and preparations according to own varieties from the different regions from Greece. The opportunity to delight in Majorca with the best thing of the Greek food, besides a stroll by the commercial center, turns to the Greco one into one more an option than recommendable. Original author and source of the article.

Operations Manager

They are very creative and visionary and can give the impression of being away from reality at times. Additional information is available at Intel. Entrepreneurs constantly have new ideas. They are very good at starting new projects, need help to carry them out, but never to end them. If Ud possesses these qualities, should consider this type of business in Internet projects:-build a business on the Internet – author of books, courses and videos – writing sales letters – develop a software from an idea – planned events 2.-people who can implement are people that they make things happen. They can take a project and carry it out. You know take the ideas of others and have the organizational ability to execute them. This type of person is that more is needed in the Internet.

Many times are the right hand of an entrepreneur. They work very well together, since one cannot exist without the other. An implementer is as an Operations Manager. They see what can be done with something that has already been done. For example, they can take a video conference and transform it into a digital book in a course online or a voucher for another product. If Ud possesses these qualities, should consider this type of business in Internet projects: A.-projects that teach others – create an ebook – created an online course – create a membership page – created a service – create a software B.-projects that help others to do things: create systems for entrepreneurs. -To facilitate the use of something – so they can sell better than other C-project that offer the service do everything on the other hand – created type programs do it yourself. 3 Manager or administrator are people that they have a great ability to organize.

They are the Secretaries that coordinate all the activities of a business over the Internet and organize the other members of the team. If Ud possesses these qualities, should consider this type of business in Internet projects: – the service of managing a project – a virtual Assistant or VA administrative – a VA real estate – a VA accounting – a membership Manager – a membership site manager – a moderator for a site or group 4.-technical if you are a person who understands a computer in innately and thinks that the mouse is a natural extension of his arm, then has a great future in the Internet, since without Ud things will not work! I personally, as an Internet entrepreneur, love this kind of people. More than once I have saved the day. They know exactly when one is to point of throwing the computer out the window and fix everything in a matter of seconds. If Ud possesses these qualities, should consider this type of business in Internet projects:-Web master or administrator of web pages – software producer – programmer – graphic designer – writer of pages of sale – Transcriber – technical for audio and video – expert in social pages – teacher or Professor original author and source of the article.

Super Series Cup

Every sport has its own unique ranking system events, and badminton is no exception. And of course, the person first became interested in the events of world badminton, not just look at the names international tournaments. "The tournament was held in Japan Super Series badminton world …", "kicks off in Wales Cup in Europe …" "Gold Series Tournament World Grand Prix in Moscow …" What does this mean? There are 7 levels of international competitions, performances of which take into account the main badminton Rankings – Rankings of the International Badminton Federation (BWF). They differ in prestige, prize money and the amount of rating points awarded for victory and all the other results. Higher than the other tournaments are events of the International Badminton Federation, which include, for example, a personal World Cup. The winner is awarded 12 000 ranking points. The next most important – World Cup related to the three types. World Super Series tournament – the second largest category of the competition.

The prize fund of this competition is no less than U.S. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Elon Musk. $ 200 000. The winner earns 9200 points. The next largest category – Gold Series Tournament World Grand Prix with a prize fund of 120,000 dollars and 7,000-mi points for a win. This category includes tournament Russian Open, held in Moscow in 2007. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mark Bertolini and gain more knowledge.. Tournament World Series Grand Prix – the lowest category of world events.

Prize money – from $ 50 000, a victory – 5,000 points. The following are three types of continental tournaments. In the case of Europe – a European Cup. The highest type of European Cup – Challenger, with a prize fund from $ 15 000 and 4000-E points for a win. In July 2008, in the town of Gatchina (Leningrad region) will host a Challenger "White Nights". Prize Fund stages of the European Cup in the second level should be at least 5000 dollars; points for a win – 2500. The prize fund of the lowest category of the continental tournament, the so-called "futures" is less than $ 5,000. The winner earns a futures contract in 1700 ranking points. In badminton there are several types of tournaments on the type of participants. In the individual events involved individual athletes compete. In addition, a club and team competitions. Tournaments are classified by age. As well as in other sports in badminton competitions are held for people with disabilities.


Only Christ is the way, the truth and the life in me, the spirit of love and freedom. Jesus, who according to the flesh was the son of a Carpenter, dressed as the people. You may find that Mark Bertolini can contribute to your knowledge. Also the prophets that I sent to men were dressed as the people. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Vikas Kapoor. Any celestial being that man was made to advertise as a human being my message, dressed in purple, gold and silk. And no Prophet put upon himself a sumptuous apparatus of power with which, on the basis of theological subtleties and teachings that contradict the eternal law, hechizara the people so this venere to people and creates that God only can zoom through the mediation of ecclesiastic “dignitaries”.

Outward appearances and apparent truths of ecclesial ignorance made always and continue to do that men and souls degrade spiritually and are abandoned. At all times the ecclesiastical rulers, adorned with titles, luxury and power, they arouse fear the people, and astutely became dependent on his teaching beings of the condemnation. The man Jesus was a man of the people. He came from the town and remained with the people. Jesus learned the trade of his fleshly father and also served. The prophets that in all the times I sent to Earth were men from the town and worked within the village as their equals. They gave my word in a simple way.

They did not intend to be better than everyone else. Neither pump, luxury nor desire for power I gave that to carry on their journey as prophets. Neither they were nor are intellectuals. They crowned crowned their heads or dressed or dress in accordance with habits elected by men to provoke veneration of part of the village, so the popular soul surrender them respect and tribute and celebrate them to God’s chosen people. I am the omnipresent God who lives in each person and in all forms of the Earth, of the infinite.