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The LINKING OF the CLIMATIC TYPES WITH the VEGETAL FORMATIONS IN BRAZIL Observing the two maps shown in (figures 1 and 2), we can verify the influence that the main climatic types of Brazil, exerts on the diverse vegetal formations (Biomas) of Brazil. MAP 1 Source: MAP 2 Source: The regions with predominance of the equatorial climate that if extend for all the region north of Brazil, of certain form are determinative for the configuration of the Amazonian forest. The tropical climate encloses since the pantanal, passing for the center-west if directing for the northeast region. The tropical climate propitiates the formation of the open pasture and the pantanal. Half-barren in turn the influence in the formation of caatinga in the interior of the northeast region. Already the littoral tropical climate favors the formation of the vegetations that if they locate in the littoral regions. The tropical climate of altitude is preponderant in the formation of the Atlantic bush.

finally, situated subtropical climate more to the Southeast of Brazil, is decisive in the found vegetal formations in this region, namely: bushes of araucrias, Pampas or fields sulinos.REFERNCIAS BIBLIOGRAFICASMENDONA, Francisco. OLIVEIRA, Ines M.D. climatologia: basic slight knowledge and climates of Brazil. So Paulo: Workshop of Texts, 2007.

The Community

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We hear: therefore the geometry attracts the soul towards the truth. Shape in her philosophical spirit, forcing them to direct their gazes upwards. Rather than fold them, as it is often done, about the things of this world (seventh book of the Republic) Pythagoras is famous for its beautiful theorem, hypotenuse squared = a squared + b squared: that is, in a triangle rectangle, the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the legs. Physics uses the Pythagorean theorem to determine the movement of bodies in space. Pythagoras was the number the essence of things and the rhythm of existence. If same seems Eastern source your scale to 7 sounds based on chaining of the ratio 2/3 (fifth on the length) to Pythagoras always relate it to mathematical knowledge. Youth advise you them appreciate the beautiful power of Mathematics, since it is suitable to the intellect, which makes more calculator and precise, treat of any material that you want to address.When consciousness in possession of some truth is very valuable, especially if that it is related to some kind of present or future welfare of individuals or of society, some of the possible demonstrable trends in some human beings throughout history, is believed seclusion in closed groups, get their truth in a jealously kept secret and devote the existence to the cultivation of the same.

Aside from the daily life of the rest of the citizens. In almost all cultures and times, arises the monastic society in the broad sense, i.e. the community of people that waiver to live just like the rest, because they think that they are called to an activity more excelsa or that they deserve more the punishment other realities, cultured or desdenadas by the majority of humans to this I mean from the beginning when I told them that they can escape to be domesticated by the folkloric societies.