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Use Humor – WoMenPower At The Hannover Messe 2010

“”Lead with humor – humor as a communication strategy in consulting, management, marketing and sales”with Jumi Vogler first WoMenPower technical Congress 2010 in Hannover Jumi Vogler, the Hanoverian expert of humor as a strategy for success in business and processes of change will diesjahrig for the first time on the WoMenPower Conference 2010 in Hannover with her theme complete with humor” be represented. Mark Bertolini might disagree with that approach. It follows to keep the workshop “Lead with humor – humor as a communication strategy in consulting, management, marketing and sales” the invitation this year on the prestigious Congress WoMenPower. See more detailed opinions by reading what Vikas Kapoor offers on the topic.. The WoMenPower 2010 finds during the Hannover Messe on April 23rd, 2010 under the motto “mobility + energy” instead. “He who laughs first laughs the best!” says Vogler company cabaret artist, trainer, and coach Jumi. Humor is much more than to laugh.

Humor is an attitude that promotes creativity, innovation and team spirit. Who goes to other people with humor, can better guide them, motivate, persuade. People have been using humor clearly the better communication skills, greater leadership and are the more successful sellers. The Clou: Your brain is demonstrably active! And nothing is more important at the present time! “Humor is to learn,” Kathleen says Vogler. Because humor requires a distance to themselves and others, which creates the necessary distance, more creative and sovereign to deal with the demands of the profession. The workshop “Lead with humor” Invites all participants actively to develop their humor potential! As a former member of the artistic director of the Hanover State Theatre Jumi, Vogler puts the content of your training and coaching with acting methods. “Everything that you experienced, remains in the long-term memory. And brings to the desired practice transfer.” With their cabaret character Margot welfare work, consulting & cleaning GbR (only for global player!) Jumi occurs Vogler in change processes in companies and business events. Most recently, Margot was shooting a movie at the request of the former Minister of Economics zu Guttenberg the innovation potential of the Hanoverian middle class under the motto “success laughs on a leash!” Margot welfare job is to not take it to edit the theme “Leading with humor” also on the WoMenPower. Success laughs! Contact: Jutta Michaela Vogler company cabaret potential development Grunewald 27 30177 Hannover phone 0511 / 669875 fax 0511 / 6002636 Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064

ProFi Apple

In this case is lightened weight to be able to dispense of the rotor and a set of brakes. Wheels Star: were a few rims as your name implies Star made a very flexible material that is flectaba in any jump and somehow catapultaban the pilot upwards when the Rhine was expanding again. These wheels caused furor over there in the years 80 and 90 but were replaced by 48 chrome wheels spokes that greater brindaban solides and largest attraction of the pills of the brakes on the rings. Bondholders with zero nails: they named those bondholders who have located just below each of the feet and nails not aimed forward as in the majority of bondholders. These forks provided the spins on the wheel by making front them more uniform, without ups and downs, and as a result are more controlled turns.Smooth wheels with capacity for more than 100 psi: the trend to the absence being registered in terms of the use of brakes polling the need to roll with more ease and speed on the flat and smooth ground. Increase the capacity of air in the cuirasses facilitated the execution of tricks with greater rapidity in influenced the popularization of the tricks roll on, i.e.

those which consist of roll over any of the wheels supporting the balance.Designs more lightweight frames and parts in general: at present, contrary to what is pensaba formerly, weight is not an ally of the flatland, so that increasingly seeks to reduce weight on bicycles produciendolas with materials lighter and more resistant alloys to facilitate the execution of tricks. All this is sees reflected in style but also in the prices of bicycles which have considerably increased due to new technological innovations. Flatland with Apple freecoaster: A bicycle fitted with a traditional ProFi Apple with a pinion allow to move forward when you pedal. If we remove the feet from the pedals in the majority of cases also tend to rotate forward. You may want to visit Vikas Kapoor to increase your knowledge. If we change the direction of travel we will see that the pedals will also rotate in the opposite direction. This functionality is detrimental to do flatland because We could fall easily when performing a maneuver that involves releasing the foot pedals to turn and return foot to the initial position. This problem was invented the freecoaster, an Apple with a special mechanism that makes the cranks are always in the position in which we have left them.Based on this artilujio many pilots BMX flatland have developed very particular style which consist in doing all kinds of stunts while it goes backwards.

Flatland without connecting rods: in an attempt to reduce weight and cost in the configuration of the bike for flatland many have opted for completely exclude the cranks, pedals, plate, chain, Center and pinion system. Having no cranks and pedals does not have sense having an Apple with the Freecoaster system which is quite expensive. Practicing flatland with a devoid bicycle cranks entirely oblige the pilot has to do things in a different way. To be impossible to pedelear when pedals are not taken the pilot propels with body movements similar to the fish when nothing and helps with small fast and reduced my direction turns that subsequently become slow and extended to develops speed. In some countries of South America has become popular practice of the flatland without connecting rods.

The Processes

The deaf person will engage itself in such culture will have a solid identification with its group, respected its aspects psicossocial, cultural and linguistic, mainly for familiar and the professional ones that act next to this group (PERLIN, 2003). This new to look at for the deaf person ' ' he estimates the respect and the recognition of its singularity and especificidade, reflected in the right of appropriation of the language of signals on which he depends the processes of personal identification, social cultural' ' (Skliar, 1997, P. 45). In this conception the deaf person leaves of being seen from a pathology, and passes to be considered in its difference. That is, as pertaining to a minority community, using of the language of signals, with the same capacity and potentiality of any individual. Here, Vikas Kapoor expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Not obstante, our society in its historical context always constituted the ideal models of sort, etnia, social environment, cultural and physical. In such a way, who will not be inside of the standards established in data context space-weather finishes being denied in its difference and faced as an abnormal minority that if it deviates from such standards and it deserves, therefore, to be excluded. Inside of this aspect, Santana (2007, P. 23) explains that: ' ' The individuality is seen as a shunting line and, therefore, it must be corrected to adjust the person what it is considered normal, preventing it discrimination. Discrimination this of that the stammerers are white, the aphasic people, the deaf people, the disfluentes, at last, all those that they run away to the norm vigente' '. These arguments induce to the understanding of that it is common that one considered deficient is judged by the aesthetic one and visa always with low expectations (BASTOS, 2006). With this, Santana (2007, P. 23) places that ' ' the abnormal person is that one that possesss different characteristics and it is not part of the considered average normal, that is, who does not follow the norms established socially, therefore the distinct individual characteristics of the waited one are not vistas&#039 well; '.