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In addition, there are now robots that crawl the site for the presence of e-mail – addresses, and if your email gets into the database of these robots, your address starts to come hundreds of messages a day, which carry no information you need. Such messages are called – spam. As a result, your mailbox starts to get clogged garbage, and you will become harder to find really important for you letter! With regard to the feedback form there to fight with the likes of robots used by the additional input field in which you want to enter the amount of numbers from a picture or set of characters. This measure allows you to completely get rid of junk mail sent using the feedback form. Therefore, the need to install on the site feedback form is quite sharp. But to create a form feedback is necessary to have specialized knowledge, which causes some difficulties. Now you do not need to learn html, javascript and php, to create a feedback form on the website, because there A special script, which lets you create an infinite number of shapes of varying complexity. This script was called 'Wizard to create forms. " This script can create 4 types of forms for your site: Feedback Form communication; form of surveys or questionnaires; form for voting at the site; .S any form using this script you can: create an infinite number of forms of any complexity, you do not need to know html, css, javascript or php, to create the desired shape, and all the necessary data the script will prepare myself, and you will only place the generated html-code on any page of your site; handler form will automatically check the correctness populate these fields, you can create forms that will be sent to your email messages with attachments, in outgoing messages automatically substituted return address of the sender (if such a field exists in the form), you can create a feedback form and the form of voting or polling; There are several types of protection against spam, all sent data is stored in a database and available for viewing in the "Statistics"; You no longer need to manually handle all of the data obtained with the form of voting or polling, or hire someone who will do it for you, as "Wizard to create forms automatically calculates all the data and he displays the results obtained in the form of graphs, you can add a page redirect any html-code, very simple and user-friendly design, very easy to install, has minimal requirements for hosting, in which Your posted sayt.Vse options you want the script will prepare myself – you just have to create a project, add the necessary components and place the generated html-code on any page of your site.

The Poetess

Such feeling has its gnese, very strong in the values Jewish-Christians, whom the masculine figure in detriment of the feminine one supervalues, this last one being considered fragile and defenseless. Inside of this, the lesbians meet, who already being a minority, finish for suffering exacerbantes preconceptions in relation to its sexual orientation. They are still practically invisible in the society, therefore to assume its condition it means to expose it the diverse violncias. Throughout history we know that lesbian women had existed who, for its sexual orientation, had remained or still remain invisible. The term ' ' Lsbica' ' it appeared originally in the Seniority, between century VI and VII B.C., and was only mentioned to the inhabitants of the island of Lesbos, in Greece.

At this time, the poetess liveed in that island Disembarasses, admired for its poems on love and beauty, in its majority directed the women. It was born in the island of Lesbos, probably for return of middle of century VII B.C. For this reason, the loving relationship between women passed to be known as lesbianism or safismo. The poetess I disembarass seems to have left Lesbos in consequence of disturbances politics in the island, relation to the love between it and the women. Many terms had been used to describe the love between women in last the two centuries, between which: love lesbicus, urningismo, safismo, tribadism, amongst others. It enters the most varied terms, many had been created as pejorativas forms, as lesbian, popocha, Maria-man, etc. These, however, increase the possibility of if practising what we call homofobia. (OLIVEIRA, 2005). The question of the visibility of the woman is very complex, and to speak in lesbian visibility, main focus of our work, worse still; since the lesbians exert and argue its sexuality to the edge of the society, repleta of discrimination, society this that not it of the o due space, which belongs to it.

Success Site

We have to be clear that we live in times of rapid changes and extraordinary opportunities for the MLM or other type of internet business. In MLM promotion, we know that traditional face-to-face methods have significantly decreased its effectiveness. Online promotion is an excellent choice. But we know that doing so with the company’s web page is a waste of time, and use the replica pages that give the companies not served. Then.

We think that the internet is an opportunity to reach an unimaginable amount of people, and you can generate real wealth with your MLM business. Each one of these people will first see a stained glass window, in this case the company page or replicated site. Why you are going to choose you?, if you offer them the same as the rest if thousands are doing the same and you want to position yourself above your competition, you have to do is differentiate yourself. The key to your success in MLM is that you show different. That does not mean that you have to be a gifted or an intellectual, but that you can write your own articles, do your videos, learn how to search for information and work every day in your personal development. The work must be methodical to maintain a fluid communication with your subscribers and, in turn, be well positioned. It is very important that you have a site itself, attractive but austere, with signs of your personality given by the content, with quality information, photo, your signature and, fundamentally, the seal of your style.