Beautiful Words

They are the half past five and are, as usual, at the start of morning news. It is April 23 and Hispanic Americans are celebrating the Day of the language, so we decided to ask listeners to help us choose which, in his view, is the most beautiful word in the language of Cervantes. The calls are not made to wait and suggestions, too: time and again repeated "love", "God," "Happiness," "freedom," "peace", "friendship", "harmony", "mama" and "homeland." Someone called to ask us to declare "God" out of competition and who we are before the microphones and act as makeshift judges, abide by the request. We count and "love" followed by wins from a distance "friendship", "mama" and happiness. " Again, the speakers of the language and true owners of the highest authority, have preferred the merits of form and meaning were inclined rather to take account, for example, the loudness or the color of the words. It also shows that, despite the desire to circumstances and the need to love and be loved is still lurks in the hearts and minds of the people. And all other emotions are present in all areas of everyday life: the mother, on the ground, by the Supreme Being. In short, life is a constant search of the path towards the values and principles but not all are clear about the principles and values behind which marcha.Si the most beautiful words were chosen for its euphony then in the list of most beautiful and deserve a spot some nostalgia, utopia, glass, orchid, dawn, geranium, verse, orange, sky, angel, night, shadow, blue (the color of choice of poets), sadness, loneliness, butterfly, tree, caress and frenzy.