Blue Violet

028 Blue violet. Awake collection. Waldylei Yepez.doc at that time, when the world was just a toddler, primary colors were joined to her around to accompany him. However, as life itself is a continuous change, they got tired of being so few in number and an idea occurred to them to increase the range of colors that accompany the world in their process of growth. They proposed, through a Convention called the unified Convention, which combine the best of each and that born people were missing there. They had learned something very important, they were saying that individuality had been good for awhile, but now wanted to prove the advantage of a joint work, a job where everyone would fit into the environment and would respect your own space. From there you break the evolution. Infinities were new versions, and each colour with its most prominent characteristics began to have meaning because they ranged from the most harmonic tone to which least it met this quality.

We could spend hours telling the story of each new color, but our current purpose lies in one of them: blue violet, commonly called violet. Our color departed from the balanced union of red and blue, which contribute respectively, love and peace of mind of which we could conclude that the red represents the Sentimental part, and by his side the Blue represents the reason or mental part. Violet Blue is one of the deepest colors that are available, represents: wisdom, creativity, independence, dignity, serenity, change and transmutation. Simply a wonderful color. Now, after giving this important preamble, I would like to comment on Los Amores blue violet. Yes, there are loves of colors. This is one of them. They depart from the balanced Union of female red and blue male, and form the most beautiful love, harmonious, balanced, rationally-sentimental or sentimentally-rational, fair, honest, sincere, valuable, true.

For some pessimistic characters can be writing about an illusion, but I assure you that it is not. And for those who live it because this text describes the love that feel and that lies to its around. When we look at the reality we learned quickly of the loves that carry non-harmonic tones by X or and detail but this does not mean that they are all painted with the same color, because as we said the combination depends on both elements and your balance, because isn’t the same join the colors black and yellow, to join a red and a blue that are the perfect complement to the other. What color is love where you live? I hope to have a blue violet tone. 2008-07-07 05: 42 PM 08: 36 p.