Bolivarian Republic

Recalled Chavez, than Venezuela has the fifth tested the world’s largest gas reserves. Until a few years ago even the Venezuelans knew it, because the technocrats of the old PDVSA ensured that here there was no gas. It was an open secret that had transnationals of the Empire to take it all in their hands. Now that gas is truly ours. Some 59 million barrels of oil and derivatives has distributed Venezuela through Petrocaribe countries members, that have gained a net of $ 921 million savings since mid-2005 was created the mechanism.

The invoice for that volume placed in the Caribbean in the past three years amounts to 4,697 million dollars, of which 2,007 million dollars are financed the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, informed the attendees and to the world, that the projection of the cumulative of the energy bill since the beginning of Petrocaribe until 2017 is $ 17 billion, in a conservative scenario. We are considering that burst the bubble of the speculators and the price of a barrel at $70 until 2017 allows us to obtain a mass of funding of almost $ 20 billion. This should go planning financing mechanisms for development and fair trade projects. To this end, the first national representative suggested the formation of a group of planners, strategists and economists who contribute innovative ideas based on this figure and not to lose the opportunity to bring forward important projects.