Build Systems

Each year, more and more open shops, kiosks, supermarkets, retail chains worldwide. According to statistics, more than 85% of stores have surveillance organization for the safety and security products. Back in the 90s. product's was behind the counter, and it could take only the buyer through the seller, it is not so had to install a video surveillance system for the store. Now the problem is turned over, the buyer comes in the trade room and can take a product that will pay at checkout, or blow over by her, that's why you need to install video surveillance in the store. The video surveillance system at the store will help us to observe in real time and in the archive, what is happening on the trading floor.

Can prevent theft, fraud, theft, property damage, as well as control personnel. To organize the video for the store, we first need to divide the object on land, the zone Surveillance – offices, departments (vegetables, spirits, household it.d.). For each area, highlight areas that need to fix the CCTV cameras, like staff, product showcase. It is desirable that would cover the entire perimeter of the cameras, for ease of monitoring facilities and fixing every movement, even the transfer of goods, movement of bags. Which camera CCTV choose to do this? Of course high resolution, preferably with the lens tucked under certain angle. Color cameras allow us to share and color, orientation of certain objects in "crowd." Rotating the camera with ZOOM 10-30 times in the surveillance system will help to store easily watch one man in the movement, zoom in or out focus cameras. Surveillance for Store helps to crimes committed on the territory of the store, as well as to the adjacent territory.

In the shop we can face theft, pickpockets, swindlers. For the territory – on the street, car theft customers, damaging auto client, theft from the cabin, car accident. Also, if a glass partition store in a fight, disorderly conduct, alcohol intoxication, has a "properties" break. With the help of CCTV in the shop, we can easily take pictures of suspicious people, thieves, for the subsequent ban to enter the territory. It is also not a few cases when it was in the store video surveillance system to identify criminals and detained by security or police. To organize the video store will require an operator who monitors what is happening in the store and if it finds violations of passes on the radio protection, to take action. In the case of a large number of CCTV cameras in the store, take a few operators are typically used for one person department, or more. Protection which is on the territory, in the hall, can not see everything, but operator sees the actions the buyer, even in a department where he alone. Around the world, installed video surveillance system not only in buildings, and on the street that makes the city safer. When assembling systems majority of the directors, managers pay attention not only security but also the price for video store, because you can even build an inexpensive and effective video surveillance system for the store, which will be enough for this object.