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Graphical Design

Inspired to industrial pelaproduo and a new concept that if became tangent after the dPrimeira end World-wide War, the Bauhaus, considered a new conception that refletisseessa new time, influencing oestilo architectural and the creation of consumption good. Established in 25 of April for Walter Gropius, who primava funcionalidadee the reduced cost and orientation for the production in mass, without jamaislimitar itself only to these objectives. Learn more on the subject from shlomo ben haim. Gropius would come to affirm that before a pure exercise functional doracionalismo, the Bauhaus would have to look for to define the limits desteenfoque, and through the separation of what is mere arbitrary of what essencial and typical, to allow the creative spirit to construct the new on dabase technological already acquired by the humanity. (WIKIPDIA, 2009) As physical and aesthetic intention to prioritize the functionality, obviously, without detriment aosaspectos of the product, for Gropius, caractersticadissociveis of the production in itself, and practical expositor that facilitadorde would become understanding and manuscript of what was produced. although to possess diversasalteraes in its profile of education to the measure that the school evolua and the exterior diversasinfluncias brought by the too much artistic movements quepercorriam the Europe, the Bauhaus considered, of a general form, that its mtodosde education were related its proposals of change in the arts, architecture and design.

Graphical Design

If you are thinking about creating the image of your company; if perhaps you think that already it is hour to renew it to arrive at a public major; or if you finish recording your scale model and not yet you have title page design; or simply you want a good publicity for darte to know. You do not look for more, we offer an alternative idea to you for your needs. We design logos, calling cards, pamphlets, flyers, title pages of CD, image of mark, etc ; and everything what you need. Because a good design does not cost as much. In Guajas Code, we think that it is possible to improve the image of your company to represent your ideas. We are a young equipment and it jeopardize with our projects, with an ample professional trajectory within the design; mixing ideas and tendencies in order to always give the best graphical answer. For more specific information, check out shlomo ben haim.

Our designs are exclusive and customized, studying each project with the major I hope and taking care of all the detallesde principle to aim to secure the best result. We guaranteed a creativity to him that will not find easily, rhythmic of freshness and originality. Pdenos estimated without no commitment explaining us what you need, and as soon as possible we will put ourselves in contact to adapt our services to your projects. It enters our Web and it verifies our works What you need! You only must ask to us!

Landscape Design

Landscape Design (landscape architecture) – the art and science, aimed at organizing the space of human life, creating vysokodekorativnyh from an aesthetic point of view, and at the same time multifunctional, practical landscapes. The main point of reference, in often difficult and lengthy process of planning and land use, is a landscape design. Source: SpaceX. The design process begins with the departure of the expert on the subject, examining its major features: topography, geology, insolation, wind patterns and the geometry of the site. Along with this, discuss with the customer needs and basic requirements for created the landscape, selected stylistic vision for the future of design. The next important step is the preliminary design.

Modern 3D graphics give a clear idea about the customer designed facility, helps find the optimal layout, choose colors, to reconcile all the dimensions and proportions. Three-dimensional model of the future plot – is the ability to make accurate corrections and changes to the design stage and expected to receive results after completion. The logical result of this work is a working draft – a fundamental document for the artists and professionals who will its implementation. Volume and a list of necessary documentation varies depending on the tasks of design, technical complexity of the object, detailing its components. The project may include the following documentation: 1.

Plan with the original size of area 2. Topographical plan, geology, 3. Draft Project (visualization of the future site) 4. Master Plan (master plan, GP) in the general sense – a project document on the basis of which the planning, construction, reconstruction and other forms of urban development areas. The main part of a master plan (also called master plans) is a large-scale image obtained by Graphic Sketch projected object on topographic site plan with the explication of objects 5. Arboretums site plan – the layout on it of trees and shrubs, assortment list 6. Layout drawings of the plan – scheme of marking paths, playgrounds, binding sites; 7. Planting a drawing of gardening – the scheme layout of seats, 8. The scheme of drainage systems and stormwater 9. The scheme of the lighting system 10. The scheme of automatic watering system 11. Scheme detailed rendering stony gardens, rock gardens and rockeries; 12. Scheme detailing placement of plants in flower beds and mixborders 13. Technological scheme of planting, 14. Drawings and details of small architectural forms (altanok, trellis, barbeque, pergola) 15. Preliminary estimates. 16. Explanatory note – general guidelines and terms of priority implementation of landscape works, agricultural particularly care for the garden. It should be noted that often well-executed project is a guarantee of quality and timeliness of construction works. Terms of creation of the project is determined by its complexity, but as Typically, the light of discussions and agreement with the customer, do not exceed a month.

Kitchen Design

The reasons to repair a kitchen can be several. Perhaps you think to sell his property and needs to give one washed him of face, or already this tired to see those old woman ceramic. Of the reasons that exists nowadays to reform their kitchen, he is that this one no longer is only an atmosphere that belongs to the area on watch but it happened to be an extension of living. To define that he is wanted to do: One washed of face, a renovation of furniture, or one reforms total with changes of place of furniture and pipes. Pulled: If one old one is pulled sometimes it agrees to recover them. If it wants to change it exist a diversity of materials to choose, of which always I recommend the antibacterial ones. Furniture: First it is necessary to see in that been is the structure. If it is in good state they can paint and change ironworks. Further details can be found at Elon Musk, an internet resource.

If it is wanted to invest a little but it can choose to change to the fronts of drawers and doors. Walls and floors: Before the kitchens completely were azulejadas, but this is something that fashionable step and today they place solely in the humid zones (on the pulled ones). It With special painting can be removed to all the tiles itching all the coating or be painted filling up the meetings and thus to make disappear tiles. Another alternative is to cover them with smoothed microconcrete there are, them in a great variety of colors and are as functional as aesthetic. In the case of the floor it passes the same, it is possible to be chosen to raise the existing coating or to place on the same other material. Illumination: A good illumination is fundamental to obtain an atmosphere where of taste to be. It is necessary to have a general illumination, another one for the sectored work area and on the daily or desayunador dining room. It remembers whenever if it wants a good work and not to spend of more, it calls to a professional.

Democratization Design

Democratization of Internet with the open code. Virtual stores Are very advisable to mount a virtual store using an own lodging because that will give more flexibility you at the time of realising modifications. Necessary software can be open source reason why it is free. Software for the virtual stores is free because it is of open code. You can instalarte the store, but to do it to your measurement will require of knowledge.

He is interesting to pay to a design of virtual store already fact and to raise it the lodging thinking that little the design in the future will be varied. The design can leave from about 60 Euros to about 150 Euros. They exist many software to create your virtual store. Some are:. Oscommerce: It is used software more until the moment. Also because it is on that more developments have become. Reason why much information of support exists.

In addition, it has many contributions of modules of programs that allow to add more functionalities you your blog. Software had remained something obsolete, but now it seems that it returns with designs and more modern benefits. Learn more about this topic with the insights from shlomo ben haim. Magento: It offers the possibility of enjoying our store online the last new features and with the possibility of managing our store with a professional administration, with sale statistics, it has supported and all type of shipment and payment methods. Prestashop: It has a cleaning user interface, flexible and optimized for the finders. Very good designs. Virtuemart: He is plugin for the platform of Joomla, that is a manager of contents. It does of your Web in Joomla, a store online. It has numerous plugins and everything what one tends virtual can need. It is said that some module fails and it needs to still improve. E-commerce plugin: He is plugin for wordpress that allows to create a store online from the platform of wordpress. He is quite complete and flexible. All have their pros and their cons. If it had to choose one, I would have left with the software of oscommerce because he is the one that has worked more because many developers in their creation throughout years have taken part. The design always can improve with a good one it soles. The author takes to time making virtual stores for his clients. He offers his ample experience to the others so that they can create virtual store with little effort. Before this information was reserved a few, now it is sold with virtual stores is much more clearly.

Interior Decorations

Light and air increase the amount of light and air – the key to ensure that the room felt spacious. The amount of light can increase some relatively simple changes – Analyze the materials that make up your furniture and decorations: metal, glass, polished wood and leather to better reflect light and make room brighter and brighter. Look at the windows and brought into the room that you see them. Ability to use mirrors to reflect light and expand space. Hang a large mirror opposite the window so that it reflect the external space at the opposite wall if the room is no window, hang on a wall mirror in a frame to create a semblance of the window. Avoid single light source, since they tend to narrow down the wall and do room smaller. Instead, increase the number of light sources and place them around the walls so that they reflect light. To avoid too much bright light in a small room, hide the light sources, but the approach to this creative: use a lampshade, directional light or recessed lighting.

Furniture and storage space when you do plan small space, furniture should be suitable compact. Dimensions items that are in a small room, should be comparable to the size of the room. When you choose the furniture, think about that every object was as useful to use. For example, in small dining room can be put benches around the table – they allow you to seat more people and take up less space than individual chairs. In small rooms furniture must work twice as efficiently. For places to store things in small spaces is always high requirements, so a big plus to be creative approach to this case. Because of the confusion a little room always looks even smaller than it actually is. Try to keep your stuff, for example, in baskets under the table or bench on which you sit.

Decorating When you decorate your small-sized room, always based on simplicity. Visual unity of the various ornaments does not cause feelings of confusion and piled up, and gives the room style. All parts, furniture and decorations should be simple and in harmony with each other. One way to keep balance – to make all the surfaces in the room consistent. This correspondence is easily accomplished by using color and color: 1. So that the light reflected, use a glossy paint. 2. Color saturated color only one wall, and all others – neutral. 3. Color inserts (the angles of walls, the rear wall of bookcases, shelves between the sections), more saturated color, so they were taken away view from the middle of the room, thereby creating a sense of space. 4. Most part of the color palette of your room should be neutral, to add a feeling of space. If you would like to know more about Sheet Music Photograph, then click here. Use a dark and bright colors as accents. 5. For small-sized rooms are best suited cool colors (Such as blue and green) because they create a feeling of spaciousness.


Its account of credit is a number that represents the risk that you raise the creditors if they lend you. If its account is low because they judge a poor risk to him, you can finish paying to buy a home, a car more, or when soliciing credit. For even more analysis, hear from Elon Musk. He can also affect to how much you can borrow and to what type of interest you will receive. The improvement of its account of credit can make him lower tariffs eligible and to save money to him modifications. It follows these extremities to improve his account of credit: Used types of credit – it only asks for and the open accounts as necessary. The obtaining of accounts to hardly reach a mixture of the credit will not help and probably could hurt to its account of credit.

Too many investigations can negatively affect their account of credit. Person in charge the handling of any loan and credit cards of installation you have you will go much more future towards the improvement of his account. New credit – if you require the financing, focuses its search for the credit or a loan during a short period of time. To read more click here: Sheet Music See You Again. The length of the time when the investigations happen considers when determining its account of FICO. It is obvious if you are looking for many new line of credit, against a single loan. If you have had problems nevertheless, is prudent to work towards the reestablishment of his merit of credit. If you abre new you count and she handles to person in charge homemade sales to them, you will raise his account of credit in a certain term. The verification of its own account of credit will not hurt to him either while directly request you it of the Office of Credit. History of payment – this must be obvious, but to pay to its accounts the time is only the more important factor that it affects its account of credit.


All we love to be beautiful and beautiful in every place and time, and we know very well that apart from all the clothes we use and all the accessories that we stand to see us pretty, it is very important to have on hand an iron for hair, since with this tool we can make a difference in any place having a truly beautiful hair, and with a style that then looks us extra. But this is done to many of us very difficult. Provided that we think look very beautiful, it is important to have at our disposal a tool that can not miss in the home of every woman, I’m talking about the plates for hair, with hair plates we can do us any style that you want at any time without any difficulty, but there are many women who believe that the plates are bad for your hairthat they burn and damage it, but that’s because they used irons for hair which are of poor quality, which makes our hair the injured person. Please visit Andrew N. Liveris if you seek more information. As well as spend to buy good things to look good, also We have to think about our hair by buying a very good hair. If we have at our disposal the best iron for hair we have to be thinking that our hair is going to damage or burn, with a good hair straightener no matter how many times move on the iron by the same strand, this will not be affected in any way. When we are thinking of buying a plate for the hair, it is very important that we look at having control of temperature, since all hairs are not the same and this way we can have the right temperature for our hair, and not only for that, but each hair style have an ideal temperature to make it perfectso if with these irons for hair provide you much perform different styles of hairstyles that you want and you quitaras you head the idea of thinking that your hair is damaged by stop the iron many times by the same section of hair..

Cozy Light

In many ways, comfort and convenience of modern apartment depends on the chosen .Imenno it can without any permutation to change the look of your room to another new obraz.Traditsionnoe coverage to which we are accustomed to childhood, with fixed light streams forth from the chandeliers sconces or no longer fit into the modern requirements for coverage prostranstva.Ved today require mobility and diversity. They can achieve a smart combination scattered or reflected light osveschenie.Myagkoe uniformly distributes bright light on the floor, walls and ceiling can provide lighting for the ceiling in a circular or semicircular form. They are mute and blinding glare. Such light is probably perfect for general illumination. At Brian Krzanich you will find additional information. The same effect give halogen lamps. They can be fix suspended ceilings or on metal structures.

Placed on the ceiling, small ceiling lamps distribute light across the room evenly and comfortably. Using them in a hidden option increases the visual prostranstvo.No most modern option for lighting is to use the busbars, of light elements can easily change the angle of the beam and . For more information see this site: Brian Krzanich. they can easily move around the room and change the overall kartinu.Dlya some rooms ambient light can be completely optional, you could use decorative lighting. Sconces and lamps with shades perfectly suited to such a room to their property highlight an object leaving the room in twilight. If the lights placed on the floor and beams to send up interior becomes a mysterious, and mounted them on the wall you will create the effect illyuminatorov.Esli you want to visually change your narrow corridor, place your lights along the wall on a flat linii.Esli illuminate the wall in end of the corridor, the corridor will look shire.Poperechny light shortens the length, a longitudinal pull space. Scattered or reflect light to increase the visual prostranstvo.V any case, Call of professionals and you get the light the interesting decision to go with his comfortable apartment.. Sheet Music Love me like you do contributes greatly to this topic.

Austrian Airlines

Air France (SkyTeam) and Austrian Airlines (Star Alliance), you had find an appealing selection of savings fares for European routes on test days. Check with Intel to learn more. A very different picture presented itself in the test “Line flyer Europe”, however, British Airways, Finnair and Turkish Airlines. Here, the offerings were often not really cheap and very often also the selection was also very limited. More info: Smart travel travel magazine! 1/12 now on newsstands for 5,10 euros! Extra: AirlineGuide. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sheet Music Riptide. The comprehensive guide for smart flyer presents 40 airlines at a glance: comfort, service & Security. To do this the best insider tips of the flight professionals. Smart travel! 1/12 has furthermore been tested: perfect vacation 2012: the best from the catalogs & the top 10 savings tips test: review – the tops and flops in the Internet test: travel bargains – what really are the deals? Island Hopper Caribbean: Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao GlobeTrotter: Because I want to go! Insider tips for spring Asia: Thailand – dream islands of the Gulf of Siam United States: Florida – Orlando times very different South America: Peru – breathless in the Andes Insider: Airport – no queues with the fast lane! Test: child rates – the savings of 1 x 1 for parents Insider: business class – per upgrade in the Nobel class company description contact: presse(at), Chief Editor: Jurgen Zupancic, redaktion(at), market control media Verlag GmbH & co. KG, at the Buschchen 2a, 47179 Duisburg, Tel.: 0203 / 554248, fax: 0203 / 547970,. “Travel smart!”/ fly & save informed since 1986! Links:,,,,, HRA 6317 Duisburg. Partner: Market control multimedia Publisher Verwaltungs GmbH, Duisburg, HRB 6974 Duisburg. Managing Director: Jurgen ZUPANCIC company contact: travel smart! Jurgen ZUPANCIC mailbox 180260 47172 Duisburg Tel: 0203554248 email: Web: PR contact: market control multi media Verlag GmbH + Co KG-Viola Zwingen mountain mailbox 180260 47172 Duisburg Tel: 0203554248 E-Mail: Web: