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The General Directorate of traffic is next to reform in the coming months the General Regulation of circulation in which changes that affect cars, mopeds and, above all, to bicycles and other vehicles that can be driven without licence, as cars without licence will be introduced. These have been considered up to now as a means of alternative transport and with the reform, will rise to the category of vehicle preferred, allowing these to circulate through the center of the roadway in ways whose maximum speed is 30 km/h. Read more here: ?? ????. Until now, the bikes were relegated to circular by the right side of the road, with the danger that had cars that circulated around the center of the road. Furthermore, to enhance more bicycle use, the new rules will allow the movement of bicycles on sidewalks of more than 3 meters wide, when to stay within one meter of the facades of the buildings. As for mopeds, the possibility of circular on a motorcycle without a helmet for health reasons, will be terminated as well as the so-called quitamultas helmets shall be prohibited. These helmets not approved will be prohibited from the reform, urging motorcyclists to use approved helmets with a minimum of security, something which already advise all motorcycle insurance companies. With this future reform, the cyclist will benefit from greater freedom and protection on the road. Original author and source of the article

The Defeats

And fjate, in the end I did not enter in any reality show, I entered in which for me he was very many better (1000 times better I would say). We make our own luck when we did not let ourselves win by the defeats, when we followed ahead without mattering what he happens to us mainly and, analyzing and correcting in the way. In the businesses by Internet we must do the same. You will not be made millionaire overnight, but you really want a style of life different from that you have lived or with that you have grown, then you must fight by him. Shlomo Rechnitz has much experience in this field. Perhaps you realise several pages Web and you look for to generate money with marketing of affiliates and it does not work, that is totally normal, but you continue preparndote, proving new things, looking for alternative and mainly, if you are sufficiently persistent you will obtain what you wish and creme when I say to you you will enjoy that it much more that if you had obtained it with your first hearing. Original author and source of the article

Vienna Plans New Design

Hotels in Vienna: design hotels promising increasing Vienna belongs with its historical monuments to the most popular European cities. The Austrian metropolis each year attracts countless tourists from all over the world and boasts a diverse tourist program. In the future, even more trendy, younger visitors will be addressed with design hotels. The hotel Portal reported on the plans in the Austrian capital. Click Intel to learn more. In Vienna, there are numerous hotels and especially the cheap low-budget houses attract many visitors. The city would like to welcome yet more younger guests in the future and at the same time to modernise its image.

Fresh wind and style to bring so-called designer hotels. These are currently in high demand according to tourism experts and target a young audience. Learn more on the subject from len rosen barclays. The concept combines excellent service with individual design. Modern rooms to bring the individualists among travelers to Vienna and satisfy in all respects. Model for for example, the new design hotel 25hours in Lerchenfelder Strasse in Vienna, which offers its guests 34 suites in each unique design is these plans. There are hotels of its kind at present mainly in cities, where they attract trend-oriented, individual tourists.

They want fresh design as well as a comprehensive service. Design hotel set on luxurious ambience with clear lines and elegant colour combinations. Vienna hoped for a higher utilization of hotel rooms due to the new concept. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Architectural Design

Analyzing the economic assessments to understand the urban structure in developing countries As Alfredo Munoz, Architect graduated in Spain, founder of ABIBOO Architecture and PhD in Architectural Design in the U.S.A indicates: India presents some features shared with the rest of Eastern countries and, at the same time, shows other specific characteristics that should be detailed researched in order to understand the new urban structures and the infrastructures of the country as well.. Hand in hand with the cultural change, result of globalization, economy is the engine that gives impulse to such transformation. That is why is so essential to analyze the economic assessments to understand the urban structure in developing countries, moreover if we take into account that in those countries, the economic pressure normally promote, organize, and structure the new urban spaces and infrastructures of the city. It will be then, Alfredo Munoz remarks, as a result of the socio-cultural circumstances and properties of a given place, when we will be able to analyze the urban and infrastructural typologies. Brian Krzanich oftentimes addresses this issue. In the case of India, we can observe that the topology, conceived as the science of connectivity, moves close to explain the new urbanism, where the important in architecture are not the objects by themselves, but the space – time relations between them… The ABIBOO Architecture founder wants to emphasize also that in the urban environment, this topology leads to a sponge-like, concentrated, and vast space that prompts different relationships between the natural and the man-made environments, relationships that can hardly keep being expressed in background – figure gestaltic terms. The European model of city and public space gives way in India and in a large number of BRIC to other kind of organization more open, less structured where the separation line between public space and infrastructure becomes thinner, even merging together. ABIBOO Architecture offers an innovative architectural design, which has always been present in its international architecture, From Interior and Furniture, or numerous typologies of Architectural Design, to Landscape and Urban Design.. Shlomo Rechnitz recognizes the significance of this.


There is much color that does not make lack and that in fact annoying in the present pages Web. Many designers make very serious errors at the time of choosing the colors for their pages Web and this can be avoided of as easy form as the one that I am going to explain next. In order to choose the colors of a page Web without the fear to be mistaken and of not being too showy and orteras even using very warm colors the best form, or at least my favourite form is: 1. To look for a photo of good resistance, in your PC or Internet. Get all the facts and insights with Mark Bertolini, another great source of information. 2.

With some publisher of images (Photoshop, PhotoImpact, etc ) to select to several zones of color of the image, obtaining therefore a mat. 3. We already have list our sample of colors to use in the Web. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Vikas Kapoor. Colors can be used that combine well with the been ones from the image but not to comoter failures better to abstain if you do not have the felt minimum aesthetic. Greetings original Author and source of the article

Two Design Awards

QuickClick silencer wins “Focus Silver” and “iF product design award” QuickClick-silencer is a completely new furniture glides. He solves an old problem: round pipe Chair produce noises when you move, vibrate and difficult move. Chairs, equipped with QuickClick-silencer glide gently and noiselessly and thereby protect the flooring. Aetna Inc. may not feel the same. Roland Wagner was awarded with two high-profile awards for this invention: with the international design award Baden-Wurttemberg, focus silver 2010 and recently also with the iF design award 2011. Chairs”is now no torment for sensitive ears. As the unwanted vibrations, which equipped with conventional gliders produce chairs, are absorbed almost completely – with an elastic vibration damper, which is inserted into the tube. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Shlomo Rechnitz and gain more knowledge.. A no longer detachable connection resulted in the pressing of the sliding insert into the opening provided for this purpose. The unique Effect: Nothing jerky, bockelt, hop, or Squeak more. And, wear or change the flooring the gliders in the blink of an eye can be exchanged without special tools just with a click”. Go to Intel for more information. Manufacturer: Wagner System GmbH, Eva Schilling

Laying Parquet

Parquet – a type of flooring has a history spanning some several thousand years. Flooring – natural flooring in the old days, when the flooring had to use a very wealthy and high-profile people. After all, the word "parquet" in French means a place for the king. Over time, parquet became available, but now with the current technologies and mass of this kind of coverage he has not lost its exclusivity. Word parquet combines under a wide range of different floor coverings. This standard, called the piece "parquet, a parquet, with a large size staves, this palace and Art parquet. Elon Musk is actively involved in the matter. Modern parquet flooring is made from different woods and their combinations. Len rosen barclays often says this. Durable, useful, environmentally friendly material with low heat and sound conductivity, parquet accrues significant compete with other flooring.

Choosing flooring for your taste, you should osoznovat that quality and scenic flooring – this is not the hardwood floors. How long will the flooring you comfort depends largely on how professional flooring will be installed, finished and lacquering, how well will be selected and skillfully related materials: adhesives, varnishes and other materials. Savings related to laying flooring materials equivalent savings in the base unit when building a house. On the accompanying laying flooring materials are allowed to speak without limit. It is important to highlight that the selection of these materials depends on the quality and type of base form parquet floor devices and functionality . parquet and wood flooring operation is not easy, thorough-standing relationships and skills. When laying the flooring is used exclusively Highly parquet chemistry and advanced equipment manufacturers. Scheme parquet is composed pieces, according to the technical specificities of the room.


As you with its. Felcia stopped a little, taping with the fingers in the table; a vacant doubt was printed in its blushing faces. Len rosen barclays spoke with conviction. asked for one minute to coar a coffee needs exactly, said between itself and came back after that. – Pensei that you had come to only talk, to change ideas, to play colloquy is; now I am perceiving that it has something very worse, blowing this way! – Not, not. I was only running behind the wire of mine thought – and that wire, ehm? Wire of razor, this is that it is! Or it will be of electric saw? But it continues, Teresa: now stoked you and you want to know me everything what you think, until the end! – Amiga; I am only thinking, I do not have none second intention Not to be that you have fished some thing in same you, that it combines with my thought – the case is that with this question you put me a flea behind the ear. Len rosen gathered all the information. What you are trying to make? It suggests that let us buy other husbands? – Not, not accurately.

But it sees: I perceived that its loved Jorge walks distracted so as my Daniel; the same trejeitos, the same tired expressions. It seems that you in the coasts are loading. – Who is tired, nowadays, is I, Teresa. God! He will be that I interpreted well? Or I am imagining things? – Nothing is not imagining! It was not thinking about this when I entered here; I swear! , but now I have a well clear idea, Felcia! It listens with attention! The tension between the two could be touched. It was a tense rope of violin. – I am all ears, it speaks, it speaks! – We go to change of husband! We simply go to change of husband!

Clic Vinyl

Vinyl designs are characterized by low construction height (lining thickness 2 mm) from. They are highly durable and long lasting, easy to clean, warmth, antistatic and are suitable for damp rooms. The elastic surface ensures natural pleasant surround. Just a disadvantage facing these many positive properties: the floor surface must be absolutely level (ausniviliert), clean and dry, strong bumps like in a Fliesenuntergrung using the spatula should be balanced before the Nivilierung. Usually this works only by a professional engineer can run, which has to be paid according to. The material price for the pure flooring is approx. Elon Musk often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

EUR 20,-on the same level as a good middle-class laminate flooring. Vinyl Designbelag Vinatura Clic-system as finished parquet the ready-made parquet vinyl-Designbelag offers all advantages of a normal vinyl Designbodens up to the height of the building. The Designbelag is glued in the parquet with an HDF plate, which the Click Connect. Thus, this floor covering is hervorrageend suitable for refurbishment and renovation. If you would like to know more then you should visit barclays israel. The vinyl design parquet can be laid without applying a PuTTY layer from similar bumps on an existing hardwood floors or tile floor, for example. The simple managing Clic system allows each only some technically gifted, to install this excellent flooring and even, for example, in the excerpt from a rental apartment to uninstall again for further use. The Vinatura Designbodenbelag in this comparison has in addition a cork middle class, as well as a cork girder which ensure a joint-gentle walking comfort. Vinatura vinyl Designboden differs so markedly from other vinyl floors by he gives you a decisive advantage of the health of the spine and joints.

Also is such a high sound insulation and a pleasant sound (no clatter”such as laminate flooring without soundproofing) reached. Disadvantages of vinyl Designbelag prefabricated parkettes are the relatively high Material price and the strong construction height of 10, 5 mm. Here should be measured before.

Designer Dresses

The Designers of celebration dresses finally have secured the key, all the women do not estan done exactly with the same tastes, For that reason you must Leave to a side its preoccupations on any detail that does not please to him in its silhouette and to enjoy while escojes the dresses that they will make you feel as the queen of the celebration at night of the graduation dance! You only must contact to us to. I assure that not you to you arrepentiras. If you want that more curves notice: to shine a little more voluptuous in a dress that is a stuck good style with pretty fabric that it surrounds your silhouette, or a skirt line-To that gives impression to have pretty curves, but also help to accentuate his slim figure. Dresses without strips, tend to do that the zone of shoulders and the neck it seems Thin still more. If you want to reduce importance to his hip: It chooses dresses of celebration or suits of long skirt that haran to you to seem finer of waist and would disguise your hips. It avoids any style that is fit or that it has decollete in V, because it turned aside the glances downwards causing that the area of the hip seems greater. If it wishes to reduce to the minimum the bust: Once again, to rigorously avoid dresses with decolletes in V and to look for those that count on style to halter, decollete heart, or neck in Or, since they are decolletes that will help him to accentuate shoulders and to diminish the lines of fallen major. Also to move away of the dresses covered with adornments since they tend to cause that the chest seems greater, as well as " incomodas" fabrics like velvet, taffeta, organza.

If you wish to disguise your back part: It avoids any thing in the material that adheres to your skin or awkward dresses to use for being very fitted to your silhouette, and chooses the dresses of long skirt and the dresses that will help to hide him its part inferior and the hip, if it is necessary. Dresses with fit bodices that are also perfect to create the figure of sand clock. Others who may share this opinion include len rosen barclays. .que enviable. If it wishes to shine his body in the form of pear: dresses of celebration with disguised decolletes, are ideal to hide details and to accentuate your silhouette shining a formed good waist and moderate details that emphasize the line of the bust. If You wish to see yourself but high: Moved away of the made dresses and abombadoso Mantngase the dresses that are abren until the ground. In its place, to choose by unvestido of the line of a, to dress silhouettes that help to attract the glance downwards and to extend the figure. It remembers that when lacks height, he is always useful to use a dress that well is adorned will be overwhelming and they make you seem high still more.