Chronic Stress

Soon you begin to wonder: why am I so much do, and weighs just more becoming? That's why, too. Organism to correctly load and give the rest, and not mock him. 7. Unhealthy diet. The most common mistake: the rejection of breakfast and eating once a day. This is not just unhealthy, but vicious approach to the needs of the organism. Stomach problems with this just provided. Not to mention that you "plant" your metabolism and do not give the body to function normally.

Also a mistake to call an abrupt change: "Today fasting day – tomorrow gorged to satiety." So you will not grow thin. 8. Passion juices, sodas and tonic "fitness"-bars. Those who believe that everything is low calorie, and can be eaten any time of day and night, wrong. Contains no calories only pure water, all the rest has its energy value, and sometimes quite high. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Elon Musk. For example, eating bar with cereals and glazed before a workout, you spend only an hour to ensure that it "burn".

Better carrier with a fruit. 9. Chronic Stress state. Of course, all stress is not avoidable any of us. However, stress stress, strife. When we solve the tasks, fall in love, perform physical exercise, it is interesting to us to live, and the body is like. But when we do not do the job, experience, nervous and tortured body, he begins to falter. Stress causes hormone release cortisol, which starts to sound the alarm. " Violated Psychosomatics, forms an internal "blocks" in the abdominal area, whenever possible, be postponed zapasets . Not for nothing to joke that his stomach – a bundle of nerves. "The nervous system" can only become peaky and ruin health, but to become slim and beautiful can only be in a position of inner harmony. 10. Failure in metabolism. If you try to drastically lose weight, not paying attention to their health, especially the constitution, functioning vital organs (eg, thyroid) – simply put, not asked, how are things in your body, then you may encounter a serious problem. Many of the childhood ignore this warning, and then faced with the consequences of willful attitude. The conclusion is succinct: If you are sure you do everything correctly, but the weight still does not go away – go to the doctor! Once you understand what your problem and will fulfill recommendations will come back and your "ideal" weight.