Advance, proper planning prevents poor performance. In the article this week I teach you how to plan to create a spectacular 2010. But before I ask you two questions: are you ready to have a spectacular 2010? Are you ready to make 2010 the best year of your life? A year in which you make your goals a reality. If your answer is Yes, then read this article is very important because Ponte to think, what day do you think that most of the people make their goals and new year’s resolutions? Exactly, on the night of 31 December, on new year’s Eve, and they do so in the heat of a few drinks. I want to tell you that this does not work! He says the phrase, if you fail in planning, are planning on failure. In this article I’ll give the information you need to plan for 2010 and may have a spectacular year. Because I want you’re ahead in the game and I want to already start planning for the 2010! December is a month assessment and planning. Jay Glazer addresses the importance of the matter here.

The month of December is to analyze and evaluate everything what was done well and what went wrong in 2009. This is very important because most of the people never evaluate their results and go through life like robots, doing every day the same thing, expecting different results. The definition of insanity is: every day do the same thing and expect different results. Peter Arnell, New Yorks opinions are not widely known. Then, to have different results in 2010 you have to do different things. Why you’ll evaluate before prepaying.

Do you know what is the difference between successful people and mediocre people? The difference is that you people successful are willing to do the things that poor people are not willing to do. And one of these things is to plan. Then, the first thing you’ll do is a list of all the things that if worked you and another list with all the things that didn’t work you in 2009.