This is how to close sales and make money online. (3) Design of the site for customers, not the company. Your site must satisfy the needs of customers, not the company. Therefore, you should not publish content that does not It is really useful for the client. And avoid excessive marketing hype flattering about the company. Inflates the ego of the company most of what helps your customer. (4) Engage visitors.

Keep the visitor in question and make you feel like a valuable contributor. Actively ask them for feedback and suggestions. Request communication of its users and respond to this communication quickly. Upon receipt of such communication, capture your e-mail address. This will allow you to communicate with them, even though much time has passed and I have forgotten it. So you can offer any product you decide marketing in network and earn money on the internet. (5) Keep current. You need to have the content of your website, timely and relevant to the lives of customers.

Months of age in sending news isn’t interesting. Sending information of dry product that never changes, is not interesting. Yes, it is necessary to have information about the products and other information about your website that you will not change much, but you can also publish more timely content. You can, for example, publish content about how your products can be used in certain situations in life. Provide tips and techniques things which are immediately applicable and resolve a problem. So you can earn money on the internet. (6) Pay attention to the shape and design. Some sites make the mistake of charging in excess of ojo-dulce. Great graphics just for the sake of the graph only often impress the designer of the site rather than visitors. Do not use graphics that are of great size and purpose.