Design And Structure Of A Web Site

The design of its Web site, as, must be unique in its style, not copied of the competition, focuses its design to its product to its service to its mark, using the colors of its logo, maintains its image corporative. Some designs focus in very showy graphical contents, these must maintain a balance with the content of their page Web, which really we want is that they know through content, the advantages kindness and benefits than we are offering in our page Web and not that the visitor says Oh! What so beautiful image! or that so excellent design! here in this case practically the visitor did not orient itself to know in the content or the offer his page Web, if not in the design of the same, and she ended up locating to the Web masters so that she develops to a Web site to him like his, that means this, that we do not have to distract the attention of the visitor with designs very falsified, clear this will depend on the commercial nature that it promotes through this web site. But the recommendable thing are to develop to a web site with a sober design, images chords to the content, and that is of easy navigation to the visitor so that the interest can be generated in the content and second does not leave in 30 our page Web. It remembers: To determine its objective public, to turn visitors to prospectuses must catch its data, to have a sober structure Web and of easy navigation with contents not so falsified of they turn aside the attention of the visitor. Front page or main page, is the cover of its web site, is like the cover of a magazine that only gives the holders us of the content, tries to simplify the contained information only emphasizes the information and images of the excellent content but website, mainly that one that specifically orients to present the products or services stars that wish to commercialize, NO! It places all the information of products or line of services, front page on loaded of information drives away the visitors, imagines to be in a business that the premises are of 20 meters square and the proprietor has demanded 500 products in their display cabinet, pregntese that it could visualize in detail to first option that interests to him, surely nothing, and perhaps the product or article that you this looked for are in that disorder but not to need it retirement that display cabinet and went alongside to the commerce of which she only exhibited a few products, among them the one of your interest, you you only observe, asks it some additional information that she requires she buys and it, because equally happens to its web site, does not bore or front saturates of information his page does not cause that his visitor migrates to another page Web of the listing search. .