Design Colors

Having more content around the top studies have shown that the majority of people spends most of his time around the top in web pages (what appears on the screen the first time without having to scroll down). So if you want to increase the effectiveness of your web site, place the main content and elements of call to action above the header. You can do something as simple as the design of a friendly header with a logo and a navigation menu at the top of your web site. 5.

Limit the color scheme of your web site is easy to be carried away by the colors. Do settle with 2 or 3 colors when you can have 12 or 13? But in order to simplify the design of your web page visually, it is necessary to limit your color scheme. If in doubt, use fewer colors. Course will vary depending on its design, but try to stick to no more than 2 or 3 colors to start. If you need subtlety and texture to your Visual designs, use the nuances of the original color for example:-blue of a second flat and dark blue header and menu elements. I will add this color, then another and another and before that I know it, will look like a rainbow of diarrhea throughout my website. You can have your web site constructively and simplified, but When looking at her rather than facilitate content, colors distract the eyes of visitors, then all this effort would be in vain. So you use fewer colors in the design of your web page.

To take into account: hopefully now they are prepared and ready to begin simplifying the design of your web site. You will be most proud showing his web site, visitors will have a browsing experience much more pleasant on its web site.In summary, here are the 5 points of departure to simplify the design of your web page: 1. focus only on the essential elements 2. Get rid of all unnecessary elements 3. Reduce the number of pages 4. Get more content around the top 5.