Fred Crane Names

As their names were Fred and George, they are connected with the twins from 'Gone With the Wind', the two couples – red-haired boys. – As long as I have not received this letter, I did not know what the actors who played Brent Tarleton and Styuarta, called Fred Crane and George Reeves. No, I found the names are not there (I just called Fred and George's 'Fred and George', because I like these names, and they fit the rest of the names of brothers, Wesley old fashioned). This is – a funny coincidence. Cool Why you Ogennoy Cup did so to leprekonovoe gold neprechemovoe, yet I do not remember translations disappeared, and Harry did not notice. I wrote it with a sad smile.

Harry does not care about degngah because he enough of them. Ron, on the other hand, poor, and he can not see how one could fail to notice the disappearance of a whole handful of gold. I guess I just remember how it was to be in place of Ron, of course, at that moment, I am more sympathetic to Ron than Harry, my the past than the present, if you wish. If Harry had noticed that the gold had disappeared leprekonovoe even during the World Cup, then in a scene with nyuhlyami would have been less acute, but I wanted to show through Ron, how hard it is not no have the money when other people they are. 9) is important, you intend to kill anyone else of the characters? Yes. .