Girl At The Window – Forbidding Fortress

On the shore of beautiful Lake Siverskoye that in Vologda, conveniently located melenky town of Kirillov. Craftsmen began to settle in these lands around the monastery, founded in 1397 by the monk Cyril. Sloboda gradually grew, but the status of her was given only in August 1776 by decree of Catherine the Great. Girl at the Window – the main attraction of the city and in our days. The story of his unusual, interesting.

The monastery attracts its architecture and museums that are here. This is the Assumption Cathedral, painted in 1641 with a brush icon painter Favorite Ageev, later painted the Assumption Cathedral in the Kremlin. This is the Holy Gate, built in 1524 year between old and new city. This museum of icons, which is part of the ancient icons of the iconostasis of the Cathedral of the Assumption and a few icons, written by Dionysius. Of great interest is preserved monastery library. The monastery and the streets of eastern him, form the center of the city.

There are many old stone two-storey merchant houses. It seems that just about glimpse the silhouette in the window merchant, resting with a cup of tea for puffing samovar. These homes are a lot of cafes and shops. As a former Gostiny Dvor now located House of Culture. Take a break from sightseeing and visit to the town in a large park nearby. As in most small historic towns, Kirillov, one can see modern buildings and very small wooden houses that are just a block from the center. It should be noted as a pleasant fact that modern buildings are not encroach on the territory of the historic center. Arriving in Kirillov, should not be limited to only visit the monastery and stroll around the city. Hence, convenient access to Goritsky and Ferapontov monasteries, Nilo-Sora the desert city of Belozersk, on the way in which to Siverskoe Lake is a beautiful campsite. Those who do not want their stay in the Kirillov limit one day, will welcome the hotel "Rus", and hospice at the monastery.