Great Success Of The First Edition Of The Awards 2010 Visionary

From the website of The Spectacle Showcase this year the first annual celebration of the Visionary, created Awards has been promoted to give an opportunity to the readers of this website know and have access to the best brands and collections of eyewear of the year. The characteristics taken into account to choose the winners are the creativity and hard work of each mark or signature of face to improve the vision of its customers. The selection of the final awards were divided into two rounds, a first selection of the 5 top rated by readers and a second to decide which of five was the best and the most votes in each category. To broaden your perception, visit Dale Ellis. Finally, the past January 19, the winners were announced, the thing was in the following way that emotion! The signing of glasses Anne et Valentin took the prize for the best collection of acetate, the collection of Barton Perrerira took the prize for the best collection of ultra-luxury, Monoqool to the most innovative collection and Gotti Switzerland for the best web. But without doubt the big winner of this prize has been the signature sunglasses Mykita, which won several awards: the best collection of metal, with better material of merchandising collection, the brand with best service to customers and the most important Prize, the best collection of the year. We hope that success be repeated year after year and that both The Spectacle Showcase and the Visionary Awards will continue to increase his fame and prestige to take in eyeglasses and sunglasses fashion increasingly more importance in the design world, together to fashion and the catwalk. Original author and source of the article