Headquarters Zone

Zoning – an architectural term for the division of the interior into several parts, usually differing in their function. Ebay is open to suggestions. In modern AV-equipment there is an analogue – the system multi-room, providing for distribution of audio and video across multiple rooms bands. AV-output signals of the second zone are capable of almost all modern AV-receivers and processors, and features more sophisticated multi-room systems and do not count. If you already have an AV-system in the living room (main zone), then the easiest option of organizing a second zone – to set a pair of speakers in the bedroom with connecting them to the main power amplifier (receiver) through hidden speaker cables. Then, in both rooms will be playing music – but just the same And if the harder task – to merge into the second zone a few rooms and give back not only sound but also the image – then the whole Headquarters will be listening to music and watch movies or television programs essential. This is one of the most simple cases. More complex and expensive configurations include the use of multi-controller (connecting and distribute signals around the home) and control panels, keypads or touch that may be present in each room. One of the advantages sophisticated multiroom – the possibility of organizing independent zones playback of audio and video content. In other words, while in the living room is a movie in the bedroom at that time, you can watch satellite tv and a bathroom – swimming under Bach's fugues.