Igor Osipenko

Ie Motivation without clear goals – is the fireworks. Noise a lot of little help. Detail about why you need to plan, the technique of clear statements of purpose, of static and mobile targets and plans, we discussed in the next issue of distribution. In the meantime, just check yourself somewhere (note to her forehead, supposed to get, knock in the liver, the kidneys in any place in your body is responsible for memory), which is setting goals and Planning – well, just still very important, just not this well, anywhere … So far in today's topic, I recommend that you humorous article '101 way to stay motivated "and a book by Igor Osipenko '33 ways to self-motivation." These materials are available on the 'network path'. Motivating other team in the process of motivation should be aware that people are motivated different factors motivates the desire of some up, the second adjusts the pain behind.

The first is less than attention is paid to comfort. Motivated by achievement, both personal goals and objectives. Second, largely motivated by their surroundings, can avoid opportunities that would deprive them of the comfort zone. Focus more on process than on the task. Move forward if the rear pripechet (rooster peck, thunder clap, or even cancer svisnet some natural absurdities occur) Job satisfaction in this case – is the result ratio of motivating (internal positive) and supporting (positive external) factors, and supporting factors are: money, conditions, tools, security, and reliability.

A motivating factors are the recognition, growth, achievement, responsibility and authority. If both sets of factors are absent – the work becomes unbearable. If there are only supporting factors – dissatisfaction from work is minimal. If there are only motivating factors – the employee likes the work, but can not afford it. If both sets of factors are present – the work brings the maximum satisfaction.