Include Design

Here are some tips about effective web site design, so that our pages have that professional quality we are looking for. Design-> using CSS, or style sheets. We make sure as well that all the pages on the site have the same appearance and improve load times.There is a multiplicity of sites where templates (or CSS, or style sheets) can be downloaded free of charge. It is matter of go testing them, and see which is more suited to the needs of our site. With CSS we have many unresolved issues, such as site design, in the sense that ensure each web page are stylistically equal to others, with respect to the used fonts, colors and artwork.

-> Include a keypad. The keypad serves several functions. Help navigating the site, but it can also be interpreted as a series of internal links, which facilitate the indexing of the site. Therefore, the best is to use well simple images, with all their relevant tags, and dispense as ostentatious keypads of flash or java. Simple is best. Ebay oftentimes addresses this issue.

Thus, we also contribute to reduce load times, and we ensure that I will not include scripts, which are pieces of code that, according to the visitors browser security settings, can cause some alert security, as these annoying yellow bars of the IExplorer, who say the site is trying to run an add-in that can be dangerous for your safety. We don’t want our visitors to create that we host some kind of virus or malware. -> Footer also covers various functions. Not only attends the navigation (usually when we are lost in a site, let’s the footer to guide us on different sections of the site). They also make the function of internal links (such as the pendant). It is suitable to the different sections of the site is called as the keywords, i.e., if one of my keywords is quality content, one of My sections should be quality content. Aesthetics in general-> use an attractive design. If you need inspiration, look at the sites that are to their liking. Twitter is a very good example. Without sounding effects, or unnecessary things, Twitter design has everything that a good design must have: simplicity and functionality. -> Attractive color combination. That is to taste of the designer, but we advise against funds of pages dither, or strong colors. It is always better to opt for light colors, to make the reading of the contents more easily and to make logos and other artwork colors stand out more. Design in general-> include the keywords, and all the tags that Google recommends. To do this, visit the Google Webmaster Tips section. -> Include a site map. Indispensable for proper indexing of the site by the crawlers. -> Include a 404 (site not found web) page. It is always much more effective than that odious page Internet Explorer can not display the page. It gives the image of professionalism.