Interior Designer

The living room of a House is one of the most important spaces of a House. Destined to be the nerve center, to be the epicenter of the social and family life. It should be a bright and welcoming space. Concepts, you give the study of design of Ana genre always are taken into account in designing this part of a dwelling. A good example is this Hall of Ganduixer, where dominate pure and geometric shapes.

The Interior Designer opted for furniture of straight line that invite guests to order and calm. A place where to receive and care for visits so the quality of furniture, color and hue must be cozy. The current size of the flats, makes this room also the center of family life, so interior design takes on more importance. Divided into two sections, the first highlighted the large table dining and a mirror framed in gold, while in the second the great library, a big sofa in off-white and armchairs with leather earmuffs. A contrast color constant throughout the House, between the light and the dark. A place for read, chat, share, or reflect, all in a same stay lit naturally through the exit to the terrace, without forgetting the night. A large crystal chandelier receives the Diners at the table, while different sconces illuminate the more recreational area.