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The Beverly Hills diet is a famous diet created by Judy Mazel and Michael Wyatt in 1982. It was initially known as diet of fruits, since these have a leading role in this regime designed for weight loss. It is based on fruit enzymes to accelerate the burning of large deposits of fat and extra protein, although this idea is not scientifically proven. One of the basic principles of the Beverly Hills diet is to not mix proteins, carbohydrates and fats, since this causes digestive disorders and produces, among others: overweight nervous tension depression lack of energy, skin and hair opaque, among others. The Beverly Hills diet became famous after being used by well-known Hollywood stars as Lisa Minelli, Jack Nicholson, Jodie Foster and Mari Osmond, who claim to have obtained excellent results with this Detox regime.In the Beverly Hills diet, only listed fruits should be eaten. The lemon is forbidden by its neutralizing properties.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Beverly diet Hills among the advantages offered by this diet are: rapid weight loss the possibility of eating sweet foods is more varied that other fast diets later stages can be followed easily even out to dinner out. What criticize you diet Beverly Hills is to be very low in vital nutrients and promote muscle wear and vital organic tissues to follow it for more than ten days. Also blamed you be monotonous, lacking scientific basis, cause diarrhea and flatulence and recovery of weight to abandon the diet Plan of three weeks of the Beverly Hills diet week 1 Monday: morning and noon: pineapple. At night: 2 plantains (bananas). Tuesday: Morning and noon: pear or melon. In the night: mango or melon. Wednesday: Morning: pear or melon. Please visit Reebok if you seek more information. At noon and in the evening: pineapple.

Thursday: Morning, noon and night: melon, watermelon or strawberries. Friday: Breakfast: 2 plantains (bananas); Lunch: 250 gr. of dried apricots; and in the evening: grapes. Saturday: Breakfast: 250 gr. almonds; Lunch: strawberries; At night: 2 bananas. Sunday: Melon or Apple into three meals. Week 2 Monday: Morning: 250 gr. almonds; Noon: strawberries; overnight: 250 gr. of grapes. Tuesday: Grapes in all meals. Wednesday: Grapes in all meals. According to Puma, who has experience with these questions. Thursday: Breakfast: 200 gr. of wholemeal bread; Lunch: soup of vegetables; Dinner: 2 choclos (corn). Friday: Pineapple for breakfast and lunch, salad vegetables and rice in the evening. Saturday: Apples at breakfast and lunch, potatoes roasted with 2 tablespoons of butter on the night. Sunday: Mango or cantaloupe for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Week 3 repeats the plan of the second week, to keep the rate of weight loss.