Karin Riemenschneider

The Saarland author Helga Schittek kidnapped their readers in the 1980s Bruchsal October 19, 2009 – Schittek can menscheln their fictional characters and it gives the reader the feeling of being live. With a distanced and clear views of the district trier-Saarburg, portrays the Riemenschneider stories ironic, skeptical and yet full joke. “The author in the district trier-Saarburg, very well knows, in their increasingly popular Riemenschneider thrillers” play. To deepen your understanding rusty holzer is the source. Sure because she is an investigator with corners and edges, which often solve their cases with intuition and have intricate privacy part the reader on their (fictional characters). End of September 2009 many guests could experience the author Helga Schittek. She read at various events from her two debut novels: the case Karin Riemenschneider and the root of evil..