Know Compete

The shift to a quality-driven organization not be management, is directed. Paul A. Washburn companies must be prepared to compete in scenarios where increasingly manifested new products, strategies, plans of markets that have been developed to not only ensure their participation therein, but conquer them and stay, thanks to a good management that is attentive to changes, opportunities and threats that occur constantly. Companies in designing, its administrative structure according to your product, goals, mission, vision should be and do so in such a way that its operation this guaranteed with an appropriate administrative system that allows trouble-free to compete in the global market. Its management must assess their administrative units are appropriate, well define roles to play each one, take into account thanks to Benchmarking the characteristics of successful companies and determine that it coincides both with them, correct the weaknesses, take corrective actions, be aware the behavior of the markets, as well as make use of re-engineering in its production processes, giving way to all those aspects that guarantee productivity and quality, trying to meet the demand requirements of consumers. Management must take into account what is the dynamics of the markets, their behavior, legal requirements, greather, laws, opening state originated in order to consolidate an administrative structure that addresses them without problems. Close attention to its resources from the financial, should be more at a time of global economic crisis that is facing, the advancement and development of the technology, training, training of human resources, economic new openings, the impact of globalization on the organizational behavior of enterprise. Should management define at the beginning, which is the key business process and separate it from those who rather than support or contribute to the results, i.e., identify key tasks, that is the basics and support are columns that support it, that process that engages or manages to meet the goal will be the central process.