Levi Salmon

Fly fishing is experiencing today in the Finland present revival. Rivers and rapids offer fly-fishing to excellent opportunities. In some rapids special places designed for fly fishing. Fly-fishing is most often caught salmon, trout and grayling. Our guides will teach you this method of catching. BEST biting for anglers this fishing If you – or a passion for business-life, we encourage you to visit the salmon rivers of Lapland and in the Archipelago, where sea trout are caught perfectly and pike. Those who prefer fly fishing, in addition to salmon rekLaplandii interested and interesting trout rapids in South and Central Finland.

In whatever corner you go in Finland rest, all the necessary information about fishing and the local instructors, you can contact the nearest tourist information point or directly to the place where you are housed. In Levi, we offer you a comfortable cottages and fishing on salmon rivers. In Finland can fish in any season! Depending on the time of year you can choose what and how to fish you catch. There is no season when the angler nothing to do in Finland! Perch – a fisherman's best friend: this 'national fish of Finland' found throughout the country and perfectly bite at any time of year. In winter it is perfectly caught in the ice, and summer – on a float rod. At the end of spring and summer, well caught at the bait, and other typical Finnish fish species: roach, bream, carp and others. For example, the best time for fishing with bait in southern Finland – from April 15 to May 15.

The best time for fishing Artificial bait pike – spring and autumn, although it can lure of secluded hamlets always, until the water is not covered by ice. The most successful season for trout fishing in the sea – April – May and September – November. Grayling, salmon, trout, whitefish willingly take the bait in the summer and fall, especially on the rivers and rapids. And if you are fond of trolling for salmon in the open sea, your best bet is to fish in Finland in late May – July. The best season for walleye trolling – the beginning summer, June – July. And what a pleasure from the winter fishing for burbot! Now in December, but we planning to travel to Turku on the perch. Last week, for 80 pieces brought friends. So at any time of year, we invite us on a fishing trip with the company Mivela. Visit our site and choose mivela.ru rest in his soul.