Mainzer Landstrasse

Adept has therefore consult with the adi5! And payments module developed a solution which helps businesses to optimize their current processes in the tax and accounting and to adapt to the new rules. The correct transmission of data to the financial authority is thereby fully integrated. The module offers both the combined delivery of a German commercial code balance sheet with a reconciliation of the tax balance sheet as also the direct delivery of a tax balance sheet. This includes adi5! all of the editing features to the account and the correct calculation of all balance sheet and income statement items. Compliance with the calculation rules required in the taxonomies and the deployment of the values in the required XBRL format round – balance functionality by adi5! AB. With adi5! the balance for our clients to a successful business case “covered the advantages Klaus Beck-Dede together. The award-winning software from adept consult allows a variable presentation of balance sheet and profit and loss depending on the addressed target group and an extensive automation of all items (monthly Boundaries, consolidation, control, etc.).

Also, the software creates a high level of transparency through revision-safe processing and facilitates regular reporting to investors, lenders, the capital market or the banks. The functions of adi5! benefit the quality of earnings as well as the revision security and the measurability of the processes. Moreover, the time pressure, the staff workload and personnel costs fall. The adept consult AG is a supplier of solutions for information logistics and business intelligence, specializing in the areas of accounting, controlling & finance, and asset management. With, the company offices in Frankfurt and London offers innovative software solutions that lead to sustained improved profitability and processing for more than 25 years. With a focus on automating processes helps adept consult its customers to higher data quality, greater transparency, and increasing efficiency. “” The company to comprehensive services in the areas of tax & finance “and asset management” complements the customizable and powerful software solutions that can effectively reduce the risk of projects by existing functionalities. Contact: adept consult AG Klaus Beck-Dede (CEO) Mainzer Landstrasse 191 60327 Frankfurt Tel. 069-3660070

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