Majorca Restaurants

In this article we will speak on a unique opportunity to enjoy best the Mediterranean food and the reason of being for the tourism in the archipelago of the Balearic Islands, good food and beautiful landscapes to rest and to relax. Our choosing today is the Greco one, an elegant located restaurant in center commercial Festival Park, who as to his she indicates it name specializes in subjects of gossip of the Greek kitchen. Their wonderful relation between quality and turn it to price into a safe bet to enjoy a lunch or has dinner with the traditional food of Greece at the same time as we enjoyed the activity of one of the more important commercial centers of the island. The main menus and plates are very varied, offering from tastings with small portions of most showy, to totally complete plates where meats, sauces, flavors and ingredients transported to us to Greek earth. Musaka is one of the most common plates, apart from which the preparation in the Greco one is really incredible and is a gastronomical jewel. One is a species of pie of lamb meat that can go bathed in different types from sauces. The parilladas ones of lamb and also fished comprise of sold main plates more in the restaurant, because products of first quality are used and the flavors respect the touch of spices and Greek forms. Plates a little more elaborated in the Grego include the sirloin of stuffed pig with ewe cheese, the thorns of pig meat, and special with fillets of the different meats and preparations according to own varieties from the different regions from Greece. The opportunity to delight in Majorca with the best thing of the Greek food, besides a stroll by the commercial center, turns to the Greco one into one more an option than recommendable. Original author and source of the article.