The Participativo Budget is carried through of the following form: the executive creates a rule to be used next to society, determining criteria abilities, qualification, determination of the goals and resources to be employed for the conclusion of with priority demands to be lead for the population, that will have to choose delegated to represent them with the public expenses directly. Then, the plans of investments come from meetings between public agents of the city and the elect commission agents or advice. It is basic that the principles are explicitados and democratically agreed, therefore thus are clear the intentions and ‘ ‘ esprito’ ‘ of the actions and decisions, creating a mutual reliable climate between government and population, that is an essential ingredient at the critical moments, generated for incompreenses and divergences that the new always places in scene. Saucers (2001, p.97) the implantation of the Participativo Budget is one of the main commitments politicians who confirm the beginning of the administrative transparency. Thus, one perceives that Participativo budget is placed as central in the item ‘ transparency administrativa’. The practical budget as that it comes being developed in other city halls managed for democratic and popular governments will have, throughout the time, to go if constituting in one it has asked for transparent, open to the popular participation, subject to the control and evaluation of the objectives of government and instrument of the society for setting of its priorities and fiscalization of the action of the administration of the city. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit MetLife. 9 FINAL CONSIDERAES Finishing this study on the development and the support of the cities can be concluded that still it has much that to make so that let us have a society more joust. It will only be possible to eradicate the poverty when the population will be able to participate actively in the decisions of the government; we always speak in democracy, but in the truth we are living in a regimen of dictatorship where a minority withholds the power and we fit only the higher taxes each time.

The media says in the subject support exhaustingly, but it forgets that in the cities poor the auto sustenance is ignored word. It will only be possible to obtain the real support of the populations when measured bigger they will be taken, then the public power has that to contribute for this. the population has as to charge measured of the government, it is for that we vote. When the hunger will be eradicated then will be able to debate on the subject support, therefore without as much poverty it only is that we will be able to grow. ABSTRACT This article discusses the planning and sustainability of municipalities that will certainly be one of the biggest challenges will be the government faced the uncertainties of the global scenario. The methodology used was that research on the various authors writing on this topic that much discussed and little understood by the population.