Ministry Teachers

The time of economic crisis affecting society today had a clear reflection on the offer of public employment of the Ministry of education during the past year 2010. The last balance sheet published by the Administration about the squares calls oppositions and public employment, showed a decrease of 16.41% of them compared with the previous period. During the year 2010 came to contest a total of 17.299 relating to non-university educational sector places. Figure that it presents a clear contrast with the 23.505 which were offered in 2009. To take into account numerous materials that make up the different fields of education, we can highlight those specialties benefit most in terms of the number of places. On this occasion they have proved to be teachers, technical vocational teachers and secondary school teachers, and it is that toward the same 5.665, 1,261 and 9.135 seats have gone respectively.

On the contrary, for which fewer squares have offered have been for inspectors of education (81) Workshop of plastic arts and design (43) teachers and teachers of this same discipline (122). However, it should be noted that during the 2009 some educational specialties such as education in official schools of languages, did not have announcements of oppositions and during 2010 there has been the possibility to compete for them. The above above gives reason to groupings which, like the Association of large temporary work companies, concluded that the demand for training courses has grown by 160 percent since the beginning of the crisis. From there the growth that has had since the figure of the courses search engine or other platforms support online to find a formation that has as a result a job.