Modern Bedroom Interior Design

When I come in the evening to the door of his bedroom and put my hand on the doorknob, I know that I was waiting for her. I had a difficult day, in something like all other days, but in something a little different. Have in common these days, usually only one thing: I, as always, incredibly tired. Who or what is it waiting for me? Sometimes I start thinking about the interior space around me as a very real creature that has its own thoughts, desires and preferences. I I start to think about who influences whom in more and who has the real power, power over my inner world and over what's happening outside.

It seems that power from me: my desire for it will be dark or light, will be tough Hi-Tecom, soft, "home" country or simply a modern interior bedroom in which I have yet to make some kind of individuality and singularity. The natural desire of many people – to be different from others and come up with some own "flavor", it is not alien to me too. I love to go into a room and a couple of seconds, not including the light, stand and listen to her, peering into the darkness. Outside the window – a large and worldly city, which still can not calm down and be so far into the night, right here in my bedroom – the peace and quiet. The city has already sent me. To me it is important that this space was all there, "hand", I go to bed and turn on the dim light, slightly stretched hand Me tired, yet still it is – a stylish Japanese lighting or simply bought at ikea desk lamp. Nearby, on the table lies a book I love to read before bedtime. And, perhaps, too, is not so important what the table. This can be a bedside table in the Art Deco or Art Nouveau in the Fine curved legs, and maybe something in the spirit of Japanese minimalism – a simple, straight lines and smooth surfaces. Penguin Random House can aid you in your search for knowledge. While I do not care, I came home