Object Structure Of The Main Production

When the subject structure of the major shops are created by individual conversions on the basis of making each of them a particular product, or part thereof. Thus, in the automobile factories have shops motors, chassis, frames, rear bridge, etc.; plant instrumentation – workshops for the manufacture of round and flat gauges, micrometers, etc., in a shoe factory – mills male summer shoes, women's dress shoes, etc. When the subject structure are more favorable conditions for the introduction of new technology, mechanization and automation of production, because the equipment is located along the process. This creates prerequisites for the introduction of line method organization of production, shortening the production cycle. Each department, section, followed by fixed manufacturing certain products, is fully responsible for its release in time, given the volume and quality. In However, when the subject is complicated by the structure of leadership workshops, sites that implemented a variety of the nature of the operation. Complicated structure.

There is a need to have all kinds of equipment in each shop, decreasing its load. So, if the car plant used in its pure form the substantive structure, we find that in each workshop will need to have a press-forging equipment, parts molding and casting of cast iron, steel, bronze details and much more. Some machines can not fully load because of the relatively small amount of work in this area, so the machine-building enterprises used a mixed structure in which the procurement of production and shops built on the technological principle (press-forging, casting gray iron, steel), and the processing and releasing combined into a subject-closed units. This structure is particularly true for engineering plants with the mass and type of serial production. In enterprises with individual production predominates technological structure. Metallurgical Association or the plant has, as a rule, the technological structure. This creates the domain, steel, rolling business or shops. In textile mills dominated technological structure of the specialization of individual sites to develop a certain number of yarn and articles severe. Many factories carry out all stages of manufacture of the fabric: spinning, weaving and finishing.