Room Design

The main thing is that the color relaxes and soothes the nervous system. From the lighting is appropriate various lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, creating a nice lighting for a quiet intimate conversation or a relaxing holiday. Relevant here, and all kinds of aquariums, art, fine nice trinkets and souvenirs. Each room has a personality and requires a specific solution of design problems on the spot. Depending on the overall problem that you as a designer must decide in a particular case, the following items Decor: Light-through racks and shelves, mirrors, glass and plastic tops and cabinets, three-dimensional armchairs and sofas, built-in directional lighting, furniture elements, transforming into compact and compact objects, furniture on wheels that can easily free up the space required, for example, for dancing.

Complement the overall picture of your personal design to help textile: curtains, drapes, curtains, tablecloths, upholstery, decorative pillows, carpets and tapestries create additional comfort and an original form of the living room. Interior design kitchens that need special attention when designing my kitchen? On room size, the height of the ceiling on natural light, the color of your furniture? All this is certainly important components of design, but not the point. The main kitchen management and functional use space. Based on this work area and built the kitchen. Let's start with the fact that not all housewives are fortunate to have a huge kitchen facilities, while serving and, in fact, a kitchen and dining room. In a small kitchen rises rational and functional value of each square centimeter.