Sustainable Cars For Location. Paris Now Is The Green City

With the purpose to reduce the transit and the number of launched pollutant gases in the atmosphere, Paris finishes to receive a program for location from sustainable cars. Nominated Autolib, the system of rent of electric cars arrived in Paris in October of this year, generating a great step for the advance of the support in the automotivo world. The objective of this system is to reduce in at least 22.500 the number of conventional cars circulating in the streets, to diminish the amount of pollutant gases that are launched in the atmosphere, the racket and the transit. Following the idea of the Vlib (successful program for location of bicycles), the Autolib already possesss 66 vehicles between the 33 central offices of attendance. The vehicle that the system disponibiliza, is the Bluecar developed for the Bollor mark, drawn for the Pininfarina studio, of Italy.

The Bluecar shelters up to four people and reaches its maximum speed in 130km/h. The vehicle counts on a lithium-metal-polmetro battery that possesss a propulsion that lasts 250km, taking six hours for complete recarregamento. The automobile is equipped with GPS and automatic exchange. Great the attractive one of the Autolib program, is in the low value of the service and in the easiness of use of the automobile. The rent of the vehicle for stocking-hour, cost between 5 and 7. The system counts on four plans: annual familiar, annual individual, weekly and daily. The entrance tax, for the participation of the program, costs of 10 the daily one, until 144 the annual one.

Another great attractive one is the easiness that the user has to rent the vehicle. The necessary user to inform the number of its wallet of qualification, to choose the plan of its desire and to pay with the credit card in a machine similar to an electronic box. Soon after the payment, the user receives a card magnetic that makes possible the release of the automobile. The return of the automobile can be made in any one amongst the 33 points of attendance. Moleza n? To walk of electric car for the streets of Paris, without if worrying if the tires they are bald, if gasoline is finishing or things it type. The manager of the Autolib, Morald Chibout, tells: ' ' The intention is to convince the people to change the idea to possess an car for the one to use an car, what it optimizes time and money, therefore the cost is inferior to the one to use txi' '. The phase of tests of the program finishes day 5 of December and from this day the number of vehicles will go to increase, arriving the 250, as well as the number of attendance points, jumping for 75. The cost of the project was of 235 million, but the City hall of Paris entered with a financial aid of 35 million. The project intends to reach 1000 central offices of attendance and 3500 vehicles circulating, up to 2014. The Autolib is not the pioneer in the branch. The Car2go, is a program similar and already it was consolidated in Hamburg and Ulm in Germany, in Vancouver in Canada and Austin in the United States, having more than 35mil registered in cadastre users. Source: Liqui Tires