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Hydroponic Green Forages

The Hydroponic Green Forages (FVH) are a Technology that is used like an alternative of food production for animal of monogastric and poligstrico digestive system. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Prudential on most websites. The FVH is a food of high quality, health, amount and in smaller time of production with respect to the conventional one. This technology allows the use of small or great spaces like warehouses, sheds, houses, porquerizas, stables that are left in a property or a determined estate generally, where these spaces are profiteers in its horizontal and vertical form to the maximum. Technology FVH has allowed many producers of the cattle sector to surpass adverse conditions of food shortage at times of drought, frosts, floods, and generally natural catastrophes. The implementation of the Technology of FVH, allows considerably to improve the short, medium support to and long term of a cattle productive project or for meat or milk since their production costs lower considerably. The climatic variability in the last years it has brought negative consequences for the population and the world-wide economy, lowering considerably to the production of foods entailing this to the shortage of the same and increasing in price basic products of the family shopping basket. The productive food chain that begins in the field until arriving at the consumer has seen affected in Latin America by the cycles of the phenomenon of the boy and the phenomenon of the girl.

They are the farming producers first that are due to prepare to face these adversities in order to maintain to their production and productivity in their daily activities or in the agricultural part or cattle and the unique form is knowing the existing technology in the means that are developed by means of years of investigation by the scientists and are transmitted to the producers of the field by means of the qualification by the state organizations, deprived and professional of the farming sector. Considering east argument, I ask You producing Sir to him of the field: 1. You are preparation to face one long drought, unexpected floods that him can affect in a 100% the pastures for their cattle and therefore its business? 2. And if it is preparation, during how long it can resist and maintain his business with the fodder reserves that arranges? 3. You maintain sufficient liquidity to acquire food adapted in the market and is prepared to pay a high value by in order to maintain its animal? , each cost does not forget to him, that You make outside his property to acquire food, requires more of a effort and an increase in the production costs that are not going away it to recognize the buyer or intermediary. It is then, when one begins to become weak in the business so that in spite of the efforts this being realized that the business no longer is profitable. Original author and source of the article.

New Year

A child, looking at the room, finds the object. 7. Adult puts on the table different objects: toys, dishes, fruits, etc. Ask your child to count and identify all items, as well as to remember their location. Then the kid has to turn away. At this time adult interchanges any two of the subject. After What child is invited to say what has changed on the table.

8. Very funny and original gift for the holiday, say, March 8, the birthday or New Year may be painting windows, for example, draw bouquet of flowers, a Christmas tree, snowflake, fabulous characters, etc. 9. The adult asks the child to name the biggest (tall, small, fat, etc.) the object in the room, apartment, etc. 10. The adult lays in an empty jar slightly (to 10) small items, such as fasolinu. A child with a blindfold on the touch call their number.

11. Advance hide at home any subject. To find it, the kid has to execute the adult, for example: go straight stop, go backward, turn right, etc. 12. On small pieces of cardboard circle prints of your hands and feet (the more they have, the better). From these figures need to lay out an interesting path by which a child must only move her hands and feet. 13. Adult-child describes various common situations, phenomena. The kid has to answer is this or not. For example, on the bank grew sweet apples fall from the trees lose their leaves, etc. 14. If you have at home is unnecessary logs – do not hurry to throw them away.